Writing Assignment English

TASK: Your job in this assignment is to invade into the fastidious conference environing the goods of the internet on culture, experience, remembrance, energy, and thinking. To do so, transcribe an close essay, among environing 1,000 and 1,500 suffrage, that answers the topic posed by Nicholas Carr: Is Google making us insensate? Your essay should perform your own situation intelligible, and artifice on your own experiences, your anatomy of Carr's topic, our systematize discussions, and your inquiry into beyond sources in arrange to perform an topic that answers Carr's topic. One of your goals in this assignment should be to prove a opinion of ethos, or mark and accuracy. Do so by indicating that you portion-out your audience's values, by showing your own experiences delay the internet, and by demonstrating that you possess produced your homework environing the stuff stuff by looking into what others possess said environing Carr's claims.  COVER LETTER: When you yield this assignment, enclose a mean clothe communication (no past than 300 suffrage) that answers the aftercited topics: What is your scope? What is it you are up-hill to do or say in this assignment? What are you imposing of environing this behalf of communication? What challenges did you visage opportunity completing this assignment? What sorts of feedback do you nonproduction from your tutor on this assignment?