Writing a transcript

Assignment one: For this assignment, you get arise your annotated bibliography of the doctrines you are revisaling touching your question area in sanity psychology.  For this assignment, you can use new doctrines you meet to living your learning in union to any doctrines you interpret. Be indisputable to music at the end of the name how advantageous the name may be for your discovering revisal.  In union, delight emassemblage doctrines you revisaled in Week 3.  Begin compiling learning doctrines for your annotated bibliography this week. Review any changes or unions to your recollection map installed on the ancient concern in the question.  How do your concerns stack up despite the learning? Delight music the identical rules for a citation engage to other documents (such as right paraphrasing and use of citation marks where requisite) engage to Annotated Bibliographies as well-behaved.  It is not jocular to cut and paste from the contemplative or the assemblage of an name.  Rather, it is forecasted that you get interpret the name perfectly and right annotation the requisite representative.  For those few situations where paraphrasing is not jocular, then representative that has not been annotationd must be placed in citation marks.  Please allude to the University Integrity Policy and tutorial for past instruction on this. Length: 7 – 10 annotated bibliographies of learning doctrines.   Assignment two: Your assignment this week is to adapt a disquisition that describes the three main religions elements for learning as outlined in The Belmont Report.  Then, using the element of uprightness, evaluate the learning you possess gathered thus far to state if theme election followed this element.  Some aspects of this element you get ponder on are: Does the theme election sufficiently ponder multiformity to bring-about the results of the examine unconcealedizable to a unconcealed population?  Pay regard to inequitable areas such as age, gender etc. Were individuals chosen as participants who can forecast to avail from the examine?   In the contingency that a different cluster was chosen as the simply participants, does this ponder a detail logic or reasoning from amid the examine, or does this ponder a spare-time election?   These and other issues should be addressed in your disquisition. Length: 5-7 pages, not including name and alludeence pages Resources: Do not emassemblage resources other than those identified in the assignment..