Who am I as a person essay

The fidelity is, you get never win in duration by nature someone you are not. Tclose get frequently be someone prettier and tclose get frequently be someone nicer, but tclose get never be another you. It all starts out astounding, the day I authenticized I was not honest a illustrative maid that I wasn’t relish perfect other maids out there. I charity sporting pants and sneakers instead of skirts and sandals, I advance sporting polo shirt rather than apparel and accordingly I don’t accept a separate apparel on my conclave, I charity it when my hair’s frequently tied up instead of putting down, I don’t accept any subject environing makeups and I don’t concern, I charity to heed to connection precinct songs, I charity watching authentic age exercise movies rather than wild drama sequence, I relish to eat when I’m bored and repose when I’m sad, and most of all I accept this mustache romance on my aperture and this adam’s apple on my neck. But as I step out and face at the pack the disgrace settles low in my gut as I await close in front and the faith I accept after a while myself falls separately. Scared of what get commonalty fancy and how they get counteract, and the truth that perfectromance you are seems to be wickedness. But who concerns if I’m opposed? Who concerns if my hair’s frequently tied up instead of putting down, who concerns if instead of sporting skirts and sandals, I sport pants and sneakers, Who concerns that I affection voicelessness that blares in my ears , rather than the sleek flows of the voicelessness other commonalty affection, who concerns if I accept a packed hair overhead my aperture and an apple on my throat, relish Who concerns? We should be known to be who we are whenever and wherever. When we face at the pack , we shouldn’t be subjected to the faces that commonalty, friends, and anybody gives us. We should be known to be joyous for doing what we charity and to the romances that made us who we are, we should be respected for nature opposed accordingly we\'re all opposed in our own ways and I am opposed from you, honest relish you are opposed from me.