What is culture

The Dismethod Board is divorce of the centre of online tuition. The design of the Dismethod Board is to assign you to glean through sharing ideas and experiences as they rehearse to way resignededed and the Dismethod Board investigation. Classroom dismethod in an online environment requires your erratic divorceicipation aftercited a while classmates and your preceptor to invent vigorous interaction and discourse. Students are extremely encouraged to attract on the Dismethod Board existing and frequently, as that is the elementary way the university tracks class accoutrements and divorceicipation. Because it is not practicable to attract in two-way dismethod aftercited a dialogue has ended, no shafts to the DB succeed be highest aftercited the end of each part.  At a partiality, you succeed be expected to thorough 3 shafts during the part: 1 highest confutation to the Dismethod Board investigation and 2 shafts responding to classmates, aftercited these guidelines: Your highest shaft must be at meanest 200 utterance in elongation. It must intimation the citation or way tuition materials at meanest unintermittently. Delight hush that flush if the investigation asks for an judgment, you are quiescent expected to buttress judgments aftercited a while intimations to way materials and any other trustworthy academic sources to buttress your judgments. Do not use Internet sources other than those granted in the way materials. APA format is not needful for your Dismethod Board when citing intimations, but you are required to oceantain your resources: In the fact, picture where notice was obtained. For development, “As mentioned in Chapter 2 of the way citationbook, prioritizing tasks is...” or “As mentioned in the intellipath precept for Part 2...” Your two confutation shafts must be at meanest 75 utterance in elongation. Responses should supply to the dialogue by substance insensitive, restricted, and interesting. Quick confutations (such as “I agree” or “Thank you!”) succeed not be counted as copious. Your highest oblation must be shafted anteriorly midnight CST (Central date) on Friday of each week. You must perform 2 joined shafts—on severed days among Saturday and Tuesday—anteriorly midnight CST. The highest confutation and the mate confutations can be thoroughd in any adjust. For support in buttressing your assignment, delight use your citation and all way materials. After you bear reviewed the Assignment Details lowerneath, click the Dismethod Board join lower the My Work address overhead to perform your shaft. Review this tutorial on How to Shaft to the Dismethod Board. Assignment Details Should race lawful say “live and let live” when they appear at the customs of another humanization that they furnish objectionable? Begin by balbutiation this incomplete expression, Cultural Relativism vs. Holy Relativism, and then confutation the aftercited investigations: What is cultural relativism? What is holy relativism? What, if any, is the homogeneity among the two?  Do race beyond of a humanization bear the lawful to investigate that humanization’s values or beliefs? Why or why not? Think of a forcible development of a cultural custom. For development, say another humanization customs cadet weddings. What would a cultural relativist say environing this? What would an holy relativist say environing it? Buttress your confutation. References Council on Foreign Relations. (2013). Cadet wedding. Retrieved from https://www.cfr.org/interactives/child-marriage?cid=otr_marketing_use-child_marriage_Infoguide%2523!/#!/ X40553. (n.d.). Cultural relativism vs. holy relativism. WordPress. Retrieved from https://x40553.wordpress.com/2011/09/27/cultural-relativism-vs-ethical-relativism/ In your own utterance, shaft a confutation to the Dismethod Board, and interpret on at meanest 2 other shaftings. You succeed be graded on twain smooth of attractment and the peculiarity of the oblation to the discourse. Grading Rubric Assignment CriteriaProficient DescriptorPoints Quality of  Ocean Post 27 Points Total Student’s ocean shaft meets or exceeds the aftercited requirements Responds thoroughly to all of divorces of dismethod investigation. (7 points) Communicates resignededed notice precisely and/or logically (7 points) Delivers a diligent confutation demonstrating insights and reflections (7 points) Connects to twain key resignededed concepts and specific experiences (6 points) /27 pts. Response to Peers 24 Points Total • Responds to a partiality of  2 mates.  (12 points per confutation) Substantive confutation (6 points) Furthers the dialogue aftercited a while mates. Examples could include:  (6 points)   Provides joined resources Connects to key concepts