What are the land uses of the CBD of Rugby?

The Transects 5 transects were separated calculateer Rugby CBD for the contrivance. These transects were separated owing they crossed/went acovet main highways/main pedestrian walkways through the accessible occupation environs. 5 were separated owing a weighty enumerate was needed to get an considerate draw of Rugby CBD, as exact 2/3 transects could not shelter the medley of areas in Rugby CBD. See a map after a while the transects on under (fig. 1). What are the place uses of the CBD of Rugby? The place uses of the accessible occupation environs of Rugby would aid me to enumerate whether the place uses of Rugby fit the capital produce pattern. To do this, 5 transects would bear to be drawn up [see overhead] that firm out of Rugby CBD in sundry contrariant directions, sheltering the presumed zones of dismiss and assimilation - presumed by philosophical bios. I remarkable on a map (fig. 2) all of the contrariant place uses, and constructed a key to aid identify the contrariant place uses. After a while the contrariant keys, and whole place devise owned recitative, the place uses of Rugby could be amply enumerated, and this would aid me enumerate the areas of assimilation and dismiss. Is there a interdependence betwixt place use and peak pedestrian course? To disshelter whether there was a interdependence betwixt the overhead, a object was separated acovet each transect , almost the identical prolixity from the capital object of Rugby CBD. One each of these objects, the sum of race were calculateed that went spent in 5 detaileds. 5 detaileds was separated, as it would stipulate a far further considerate enumerate than 1 detailed would. However, 10 detaileds wasn't separated as it would procure a very covet span. The examine was effected to profession whether positive areas of Rugby had a upper pedestrian course than others - e.g. if the tall prescribe retail areas had a upper pedestrian course, or inferior. A match chart was made to calculate the enumerate of race that went spent on each transect, and a bung wake was used to span the five detaileds, ensuring the examine was considerate. What is the edifice nature approve in the accessible occupation environs of Rugby, and how does it modify after a while prolixity from the CBD? For this doubt, a examine had to be effected on the edifice nature of Rugby after a whilein the accessible occupation environs. The capital of the town and the laterality of the accessible occupation environs were twain analysed. Two very contrariant areas (laterality of town, and average) were effected to see if there would be a contrariety in the edifice nature, and if the nature modifyd after a while prolixity from the CBD. On the examine (fig. 3) there were sundry provisions which ranged from Material (whether interesting or purified) to the Landscape (trees/grass/plants). These factors were separated owing they seemed to be the most discriminating to analysing the edifice nature of Rugby CBD. A rating order was used that firm from -3 to 3, as this would be an facile way to profession the variations in nature as the prolixity from the CBD increased. Traffic course in Rugby CBD To disshelter whether the intercourse course modifyd throughout the CBD, a object was separated acovet each transect in the CBD. This object was separated by commencement the capital of the CBD, and deciding an resembling prolixity acovet each transect that was so by a highway (as for some of the transects most of it was in pedestrian solely areas). The sum of cars, vans and generally-known bliss vehicles were calculateed on each transect of a era of five detaileds, spand by a bung clock. 5 detaileds was used as the span era as a span prolixity of 1 detailed would not stipulate as considerate results, and 10 detaileds would be too covet. Each transect had its own match chart and board so that the results could be compared and would amply spread-out the differenced betwixt the transects touching the sum of intercourse courseing through each area and so what kinds of intercourse is courseing - cars etc.