Week2: Discussion 1 and 2

Learning encircling Professions in the Field This week's video segments included interviews delay a slipren’s museum superintendent, slip attention provider services superintendent, producer maintenance specialist, functional bud superintendent, preschool professor, infant/toddler specialist, occupational therapist, and ruler of a slip bud lab. These functionals spoke encircling their jobs, experiences, and counsel. For this Discussion, elect three that were of most cause to you and estimate these segments frequently, rendezvousing on aspects of their jobs that refer to you and dispositions that you prize succor them to be lucky. By Day 3: Post: The three segments you chose and why each refered to you At smallest three dispositions that you prize succored each special be lucky Insights allied to dispositions you conciliate scarcity to achievement on as you investigate to be more telling in your achievement as an existing sliphood functional Exploring Functional Possibilities In command to spread your awareness of the stroll of jobs that are profitable in the existing sliphood/slip bud ground, this Discussion requires you to weigh and portion-out the possibilities by using at smallest two job exploration engines such as Monster, CareerBuilder, or NAEYC Existing Childhood Career Forum to: Identify at smallest two jobs you could devote for delay your running enhancement and schooling Identify one job that causes you but requires attached counsel Note: For the reason of this Discussion, do not enclose yourself to the area in which you live; underneathstand that you could impel anywhere. Look for jobs that cause you as well-mannered-mannered as jobs you command never keep considered antecedently. Your aim is to spread your awareness (and your colleagues') of the running job market and job possibilities. By Day 5: Post: Three job descriptions including location Salary (if profitable) Job/experience requirements What you well-informed from your exploration Required Resources Media: "Looking to the Future: Your Career in Slip Development" These video segments indication eight existing sliphood/slip bud functionals describing their jobs, experiences, and counsel. Click each reexhibition to estimate a exhibition. You can note the exhibitions in any command, proportioned constitute positive to estimate them all. http://mym.cdn.laureate-media.com/2dett4d/Walden/EDUC/4001/CH/mm/child_development/educ4001_cd.html Download this Graphic Organizer and use it to assume notes occasion estimateing the video segments. Web Site: European Communities Trade Mark Association: Habits of mind http://www.ecta.org.au/_dbase_upl/07_EYC_Article_Moulds_Ragen.pdf . Article: Harper-Whalen, S., & Morris, S. L. (2008, June). Existing sliphood dispositions for professors and trainers. Montana Existing Childhood Project. Retrieved from http://www.mtecp.org/pdfs/Issue 19 Existing Childhood Dispositions.pdf Course Text:  Bolles, R. N. (2018). What distortion is your parachute? A serviceable manual for job-hunters and attentioner-changers (2018 ed.). Berkeley, CA: Ten Speed Press. .Chapter 10, "How to Deal delay Any Handicaps You Have" Use the forthcoming media to swell your awareness of the stroll of jobs in the existing sliphood ground and to determine on which job you are going to rendezvous. (Note: These sources/Web positions are very-much recommended, but you may so invent other media on your own.) Document: Existing Childhood Practitioner's Functional Pathway in Oklahoma From: Morrison, G. S. (2007). Existing sliphood counsel today (10th ed., p. 9). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Merrill. Reprinted by sufferance from Center of Existing Childhood Functional Development, College of Continuing Educ., Univ. of Oklahoma Web Site: Vocational Information Center: Existing Childattention and Counsel Career Guide http://www.khake.com/page15.html Scan the titles listed underneathneath Slip Attention and Counsel Career Descriptions. Click the links to reestimate at smallest five positions of cause to you. Note that the Web position underneath may so be accessed from this position by clicking "Careers delay Children" (eighth method in the earliest post). Web Site: Personnel Improvement Center: Career Development http://www.personnelcenter.org/choose.cfm Web Site: NAEYC: Job Seekers http://www.naeyc.org/about/careerforum/jobseekers Web Site: Slip Attention Exchange: Employment Opportunities http://www.childcareexchange.com/jobs/ Web Site: Gateways to Opportunities http://www.ilgateways.com/en/career-opportunities-and-job-links Though this Web position is domiciled in Illinois, tclose are frequent job ideas listed close that pertain to all declares. Search Google to invent out whether your declare has a functional bud intention. Type "career lattice existing sliphood counsel" or "career ladder existing sliphood counsel" AND the indicate of your declare.