Week 4 Community Practice Experience Journal Reflection

What are your upcoming week’s favoring scholarship goals and concretes as a Case Manger? What is your upcoming week’s detailed list at your class custom test arrival as a Case Manager? Were thither any arrival items/issues that occurred this week that you impress your professor should be informed of that are retired in naturalness and are raise correctly shared hither than in the dissequence consideration delay your classmates? Give a pigmy description of an concrete you worked on this week. Make knowing to refer-to at meanest one regard showing how your concrete relates to the open bloom cognizance you’ve thoughtful during this sequence or the open bloom sequence. You may appropriate to regard your e-text, life subscription, or videos you've thoughtful during these sequences or you may discover an beyond regard on your own to raise augment your open bloom cognizance and customs. Remember, your life entries are an weighty appearance of clinical scholarship as they accommodate to acceleration you cogitate upon and get the most out of your class custom test. Therefore, your life beginning should embody the who, what, where, and when of your class custom test. Remember, this should feign a confabulation that would normally charm situate face-to-face delay your class custom test professor.