week 4 assignment

  Using the scenario from the Week One assignment, transcribe a 2- to 3-page calling memo to the CIO of your construction detailing guarantee recommendations. Include a Visio® diagram illustrating your guarantee design and any areas of matter. Be indisputable to flourish APA standards for a calling memo. Referencing your anterior week's infrastructure (specific) choices, use the "Understanding Cloud Security" direction in Ch. 12 of the Cloud Computing Bible to ponder about one or two subjoined recommendations that you would shape to ameliorate guarantee. Inurbane into your memo the ingrained guarantee matters for each area: Service: What use to use (SaaS, PaaS, etc)? This is domiciled on your Week One sentence. Design principles: To what standards do you deficiency to conform? (use Ch. 14, Amazon Web Services for Dummies, as a intimation) This is domiciled on your Week Two sentence. Security matters: What essentialization guarantee matters do you possess? This is domiciled on your Week Three sentence. If you don't possess vestibule to notification about your construction's network, try discussion after a while the network superintendent to end up after a while some ideas. If this is not likely, use the flourishing scenario: You are the IT Superintendent of a mid-size interchangeable dispensation calling of 500 employees. The flourishing are a few methods that are used after a whilein your calling: Internal Exchange 2003 server - this is a material server Internal CRM method - this is a essential machine Internal ERP method using SAP ERP 6.0 - this is a material server Internal File server using 1.2 TB of grounds - this is a essential machine (2) Internal SQL Servers used for calling apprehension - (1) server is essential and (1) server is material The network has the flourishing characteristics: A WAN after a while (4) united residences - (3) dispensation centers, and a urbane duty. Each residence is united via a 100 Mbps MPLS WAN and has a uncompounded T-1 for a failover junction. The groundscenter is centralized at one of the dispensation centers. There are (2) internet junctions a 100 Mbps pristine junction and a 10 Mbps backup. The network has superfluous firewalls that to-boot arrange VPN vestibule for any foreign vestibule that is deficiencyed. Each residence has a LAN that is 1 Gbps Ethernet.