Week 2 Reflection Paper (for Hifsa Shakaut)

   This Meditation Nursing Dissertation assignment asks you to argue some of the key concepts from Richard Florida's, Jay Gonzalez's and Ben Green's masss.  Exercise creativity and try to compel connections betwixt the uncertain readings for week 1 1. What are the five key elements of the new civic exigency? (the repartee is in the New Civic Exigency mass, pages 6 – 8, see decided documents). 2. What is the understanding of Piketty's r > g to the new civic exigency, "clustering forces", civic pay disproportion and how civic dwellers are monstrous? (the repartee is in the New Civic Exigency mass, pages 32 – 33, see decided documents) 3. Ben Green arguees "Tech goggles" and "solutionism" as factors in livable cities, in feature in proportion to cars, commerce glomeration and walkable streets.  What are the pros and cons of these factors? ( I don’t keep the mass for this at the instant, so reach bounteous to use other resources) 4. Considering Gonzalez's "Trends and Issues" on Immigration, what is your view, pros and cons, of "sanctuary cities"? (the repartee conciliate end from the mass Immigrations and American Cities on length at https://bookshelf.vitalsource.com Chapters 13,14,15,19) 5. What is your view environing the Kelo event as it relates to "takings" issues, satisfaction and the US Constitution? (the repartee conciliate end from the mass Eminent Doocean and Economic Growth https://bookshelf.vitalsource.com Chapters 13,14,15,19) Note: Using the week’s readings as the ocean enhancement, transcribe up your own experiences that validate or overthrow from your perspective feature elements allied to the readings----3 pages, inclose spaced. This is a situate where you can training creativity and search the unbounded possible synergies amongst the abundant facets of the civic qualification. The meditation Nursing Dissertation should keep a very narrow and close one chapter constabulary resume, preface, ocean mass, and resume/conclusion. Twenty percent of the Nursing Dissertation should briefly secrete the readings delay the retaining 80% abandoned to your view/experience allied to the readings. The best Nursing Dissertations localize notification from twain required textbooks and interrelate the mass symbolical delay your own experiences. The Nursing Dissertation should be well-behaved-behaved crafted and utter a romance. Also use in-text citations Book References: Gonzalez, Joaquin Jay, Kemp, Roger L. (2016) Immigration and America’s Cities. McFarland and Co. Publishers  Florida, Richard (2017). The New Civic Crisis Gonzalez, Joaquin Jay, Kemp, Roger L., Rosenthal, Jonathan (2018). Eminent Doocean and Economic Growth. McFarland and Co. Publishers