Week 2 Mod 2-Case

   527-MODULE 2 CASE Continuous monitoring is a delicate separate of promote treatment regularity. "Continuous monitoring is ongoing form delay eager to cater admonition. A regular monitoring aptitude is the ongoing form and partition of the operational states of methods to cater conclusion livelihood touching situational awareness and deviations from expectations." —Source: Keith Willett (MITRE) in livelihood of the NSA. "Information Ease Regular Monitoring (ISCM) is defined as repressing ongoing awareness of notification ease, vulnerabilities, and threats to livelihood organizational promote treatment conclusions." —NIST. Organizations should prove, appliance, and repress ISCM. ISCM should be a recursive regularity as its monitoring management is regularly accomplished so that ISCM is a robust method. Tiered organization-wide ISCM framework and dynamic ISCM processes are incomplete by the National Institute of Standards and Technology. Please inspect through the material framework and regularityes in the aftercited condition. Its Appendix D "Technologies for Enabling ISCM" caters some technical and managerial details and examples. NIST (2011). Notification Ease -- Notification Ease Regular Monitoring (ISCM) for Federal Notification Systems and Organizations. National Institute of Standards and Technology Special Publication 800-137. Additional intimation examples are so caterd and protracted to go further in depth both technically and managerially. Fascinate summon the CAESARS example below and its extension. DHS (2011). Regular Asset Evaluation, Situational Awareness, and Promote Scoring Reference Architecture Report (CAESARS). Department of Homeland Security. Mell, P. (2011) Presentation: An Enterprise Regular Monitoring Technical Reference Model. Jointly patent clear by the U.S. National Ease Agency, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, and the National Institute of Standards and Technology. After lection the overhead conditions, fascinate transcribe a 3 PAGE PAPER TITLED: MUST HAVE IN TEXT CITATIONS THAT MATCH REFERENCES MUST BE LESS THAN 7% TURNITIN/SAFE ASSIGN SCORE!! "Information Ease Regular Monitoring—Challenges and Solutions" Please oration the aftercited issues in your paper: 1. The concern of regular monitoring of notification methods 2. The technical and managerial challenges of regular monitoring 3. The technical and managerial solutions to regular monitoring, including framework, regularityes, etc.