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  1. Clickstream Data:   (A) What is the estimate of  analyzing clickstream basis?  What does it utter us?  What doesn’t it  utter us? In your own opinion, decipher how metrics, KPIs & work  are cognate.  Why do you purpose most reports encork twain metrics AND  dimensions? (B) Fascinate irritate the  following basisset.  What inquirys do you bear?  What matter do you  need?  Do you purpose the acception in conferences betwixt September and  October was good-tempered-tempered or bad? What influence decipher such a low medium  pages/conference metric, but elevated conference term?  Note: When responding to  your peers’ discourse posts this week, fascinate pay cork notice to  your analyses from inquiry #3.  In this fact, the basis could be  interpreted a compute of irrelative ways depending on the assumptions you  make concerning the matter, so assume some duration to think and evaluate  the irrelative approaches of your peers.  There’s no “right” solution, but  there are a compute of inquirys this basisset should educe.  Purpose  critically and fun using the basis to utter a story.     Sep-15 Oct-15   Sessions 113,112 200,000   Average Pages/Session 1.5 1.5   Average Session Term 5:09 8:02   Bounce Rate 80% 82%   Goal Conversion Rate 2.30% 1.90%