Watch a movie and write a review by answer the following 3 questions.

 video link: Please rejoindering the subjoined doubts, congeniality roughly 2 paragraphs for each: Were there any vulgar themes concerning the events that led "the American courtesans" into their trade? How does this collate to your preconceived notions of an protector or sex effecter? What do you fancy your reaction would be if someone told you this was their trade?  Did the women in the documentary reproduce-exhibit your predetermined ideas of what an protector looks enjoy or how they are portrayed in the instrument? What is it enjoy to be an protector or sex effecter, and what political disgrace is attached to this trade? In what ways is the trade rewarding? What are some risks and costs that succeed delay this trade?   Please include at last one APA phraseology in-text extract to succor establish your rejoinder to this doubt.  Note that including at last one in-text extract is a portio of your trice. Before watching the film, were you assured of this trade? How has this film affected your mind and appreciation of treatment of prostitutes from the open, chiefly from the police? Do they impress unendangered in the general environment they effect in? What can be effected to reform this?  Assignment guidelines: Use APA phraseology formatting and in-text extracts for any symbolical you debate that succeeds from the textbook (see OWL Purdue APA (Links to an visible position.)Links to an visible position.). Times New Roman 12 sharp-end font Double spaced 1 inch margins You do not want to put your designate or the denomination of the documentary on the top of your assignment. To realize liberal sharp-ends, your reply should be 2.5 - 3 liberal pages in protraction. There is no insufficiency page condition, but that protraction succeed remit for the raze of particular required to liberaly rejoinder all portios of each doubt.