Journal Note 6: Strength-Based Self-Assessment In one or two (1-2) pages (except established artifacts), accomplished the following:  · Specify your deep abilitys in affinity to the discourse of your portfolio. Use one to three (1-3) pieces of manifestation / artifacts from earlier courseis-sue in appoint to explain at last one (1) of the abilitys in doubt. · Win your chosen earlier assignment(s) as pieces of manifestation/artifact(s) to your life note in your Optimal Resume e-Portfolio. Identify the ID and appellation (for example: EDU599 - Education Capstone) of the courses for which you had effected the assignment(s). Note: If you do not bear an artifact, win the description(s) of your chosen earlier assignment(s). Artifacts do not enumerate as sever of the 1-2 page tediousness accomplishment.   · Win one to three (1-3) pieces of manifestation / artifacts from your is-sue environment to teach ongoing personal and professional bud after a while regard to the ability(s) you authorized. Note: When incorporating counsel from the is-sueplace, be infallible to displace all identifying counsel such as the designate of the structure, the designates of particular affiliates, and perceptive or proprietary counsel. Check after a while your supervisor precedently you portion-out counsel from your is-sueplace. · If you do not bear any is-sueplace artifact(s), consider upon ways to enrich your ability(s) in appoint to improve unite the needs of your running or prospective is-sue team or structure.    ;