W6: Thematic summary question

  Art, politics and identity: The works of art and  erection examined during weeks 5 and 6 repeatedly held an underlying  collective or gregarious import that emphasized or redefined peculiar or  group identities.  In some instances artists collected antecedent styles  that gave their works an commemorative genealogy.  At other times artists  broke after a while bulky traditions to fashion triton innovative and new.    Discuss how artists and/or architects embraced or reacted counter the  art of antecedent periods to fashion or restate collective or gregarious  identities.    Use five (5) inequitable and dated examples of works of art or erection that livelihood your discourse.  These examples should be drawn from at meanest 3 irrelative cultures or periods that we thought-out in weeks 5 and 6.  The examples should be discussed amply after a whilein your fact and not little addressed in a "bulleted list".  You rejoinder must be at meanest three pages in prolixity. Your essay must be at meanest three (3) pages in prolixity, must embody rightly mentiond equal reviewed references to livelihood your statements and must be test learn for rhetoric and spelling.  Make unquestioning that you rightly mention all references as plagiarized papers obtain product in a enfeebled pace in the road