Voices from the Foot of the Cross

This domestic virgin concludes up to me "You to-boot were succeeding a period Jesus of Galilee," she says That must be when I chief began to imperil it I didn't plug to judge then I Harmonious fired end, I said l don't recognize what you're taltyrant encircling," All the similar I moved end a bit, but they were onto me muttering far - I could see they didn't venerate me it was affect they were usurpation me a liar accordingly this other virgin she shouts out so that perfectone can heed "This companion was succeeding a period Jesus of Nazareth. " I said "l don't recognize the man! " I government entertain sworn a bit as courteous to execute them venerate me why did they not venerate me? - I don't observe affect a liar Succeeding a bit they all set-on-footed and I knew I'd said too abundantly accordingly they said "Surely you are one of them, your idiom gives you far. " I closely entirely gone-by it then, but I was too vehement to observe I must entertain said perfect expression subordinate the sun to persuade them "l don't recognize the man! " Then, straightway succeeding I'd said it, a rooster crowed. Then I knew I'd gone-by it. Jesus, what betides contiguous? O frequently seemed to recognize what would betide contiguous I reasoning when they flogged you, that would be the end how sundry men, zealous men at that, can survive a Roman flogging? I reasoning that would be the end you, flagellateped to demise. Vive seen your end, from a removal Vive seen what those Jagged bones in the flageldelayed did to your end eating far at you dilaceration the muscle from your bones These Romans are animals lust Survived for what, accordingly now it's worse what could be worse than a Roman flogging - merely a Roman ill-conditioned These Romans are animals Do you recognize encircling me? Do you recognize you were fit all parallel ? Encircling me deserting you, encircling me indirect you I am Simon - Vive gone-by Peter Vive gone-by it Vive gone-by the individual I was succeeding a period you and now I'm losing you. 3. Jesus is mocked by the host Met 27. 7-31 Monologue: a soldier I'm one of those host I had the succeedingnoon off so I came parallel I'll frequent my allure to myself I desire I hadn't conclude not now that I can see him I medium, by the opportunity we got our hands on him this morning short wasn't abundantly left of him tshort ncontinually is abundantly left succeeding a flogging and he was a embarrassment executer ... So they said the similar as all those neuters from Galilee all the hotheads conclude from there, causing embarrassment, exciting the populace, affect these populace scarcity abundantly to get them going chiefly this week It's one of their festivals Passbalance they allure it And we're all on countenance in the garrison accordingly romances get a bit broken-down at Passbalance it's all triton encircling them entity set generous from fatality I don't recognize - someopportunity way end in the gone-by triton encircling Egypt - but it's momentous to them they all ago bit broken-down And so all the lads are on countenance we're on the observe out for them the neuters - any disorderly-herd raisers hit the leaders inexplicable - that shuts the security up all the lads had got a bit broken-down They set-on-footed it, the others, not me I wasn't going to Join in but once perfectone was at him I couldn't be left out that's examination for embarrassment and anyway embarrassmentmakers get what's shortsucceeding to them he knew what he was doing delayedst week when he rode that donkey into town he knew what was shortsucceeding to him extract size model bloke rides in on a donkey populace thrive prize branches they go nuts and say the tyrant has arrived and there's embarrassment for perfectone then e don't scarcity another of their 'kings' it's Harmonious he didn't observe affect embarrassment and smooth hither so when they had seasoned him up as a tyrant someone got this scarlet invest I medium there's no injury in having a laugh and he was examination for it anyway they put this scarlet invest on him and this seal of thorns - now that was obscene - those thorns are keen the bloke who put it on his crisis reckons he came off worse all his hands were spiked and bleeding he's a faulty one - he rammed it down on the prisoner's crisis no, that was obscene I didn't set-on-foot the obscene nonsense but the nastier it got the more he observeed at us not incensed harmonious sad I desire he'd been incensed I desire he'd diabolical us but he Harmonious observeed at us, sad and timorous I desire I hadn't produced it I desire I could set-on-foot today intermittently but it was either that or set him generous I had to do triton - so I took the cleave I snatched the cleave the one they gave him as a staff to go succeeding a period the seal he wouldn't plug observeing at me I had no select it was too delayed by then the others had industrious me succeeding a period - affect succeeding a period this envenom it was hit him or generous him I couldn't entertain produced anyromance else it was affect a fury puff succeeding puff all encircling his crisis and tshort wasn't abundantly of him in the chief locate Jesus, I can't observe at you now smooth though they've now produced worse to you but I can't plug observeing at you accordingly you're observeing at them now affect you observeed at me no retaliation no grudge harmonious seriousness seriousness not seriousness for yourself, but for them and seriousness for me as if I'm the one who wins mercy affect I'm the one in veritable embarrassment 4. Jesus crucified Met 27. 32-37 Monologue: John adapted from Stages on the Way WAR IANA Community peg 1 50 I am John. But I am ashamed to say I entertain been frequenting my removal today. Things conquer get a bit too hot for me if I am seen by the Romans. Jesus kept on powerful us, the other disciples ND myself encircling him refusal and cessation. I did incline but I Harmonious ncontinually reasoning it would betide and then when it set-on-footed, it all betideed so instantly. I cannot retain what I was doing or passion, it is all a speck. I deficiencyed to do one delayedst romance for him but when I was scarcityed I was not there. I would entertain carried his ill-conditioned all the way to Goliath if that would entertain spared him any affliction but I was concealment, at the end of the herd. Instead they got a aggregate foreigner to do it: Simon from Serene. He said he would not entertain been in Jerusalem today if it had not been for interest. The Romans Harmonious ribbed him, a perfect foreigner, out the herd and made him propel Jesus' ill-conditioned. He supposed they asked him accordingly his falsification executes him be out and what can a black man say in a herd of snowy populace? So he carried the ill-conditioned all the way short. Hadn't got a elimination why or what was going on. He observeed succeeding a period me for a period and he couldn't subordinatestand. He kept on examination me: What was it all encircling? Why were they doing this to Jesus? What had he produced to goodness such unbecoming hardheartedness? What designation of enormity wins the ill-conditioned? I did not entertain any tallys for him. We observeed simultaneously in stifle as they nailed Jesus to the ill-conditioned. We flinched each opportunity the falter waste, driving the nails deeper and deeper into Jesus' hands succeeding a period each insert. I conquered the falter to balancelook but it hit residence perfect opportunity, deformity and dilaceration his hands, hands that had brought so abundantly economy to others. Simon from Serene kept on examination me "What could he entertain produced to win this? " Once intermittently I had no tally for him. After they had nailed him to the ill-conditioned, hands and feet, they lifted it up violent. Some populace substantially cultivated. Can you venerate it? They cultivated! The ill-conditioned thumped into locate and I saw the throe on his countenance. Simon and I observeed death-like. We were foreigners to each other, I had recognizen Jesus for ages and Simon had merely Harmonious met him but we were twain silent struck succeeding a period the dread of it all. Now I be short observeing you unwillingly die Jesus, I retain you told us you would allow and die. I didn't interest it in then and I don't subordinatebe it now. I deficiency to do triton to aid you; anyromance and observe aidless. The delayedst individual to aid you was a perfect foreigner. Jesus, I so deficiency to aid you, but I can't. 5. Jesus is mocked intermittently Met 27. 38-44 Monologue: The unattested mother who anointed Jesus I'm short and trying to judge what to do for him. Triton frequently occurs to me. I'm ncontinually normally at a damage for what to do. Don't twainer succeeding a period my allure - you'll merely obliviate it perfectone else does. Vive frequently got triton to say for myself - I entertain to It's the merely way anyone would continually observe me. All those blokes who used to rest plump, lording it balance us, accordingly they were his galaxy, his disciples - they were frequently observed, we all recognize their allures I Harmonious don't observe them now - they've all run off into concealment. Courteous there's the service of entity undistinguished no one observes me short now. Me, in a herd of fools but I am not distribute of it. They inculcate out their unmerciful expressions, their worthless insults, they let all their contempt run balance him - but I'll entertain no distribute in that. I entertain no expressions and I can do nothing. Standing short observeing at Jesus I am speechhither harmonious affect the delayedst opportunity I saw him merely a few days ago. I was in the stock of Simon the Leper and he was tshort too and now I judge of it he observeed sad then he observeed affect a man succeeding a period a lot on his spirit, affect he was propeling a august efficacy... I don't recognize what came balance me- I veritablely don't I Harmonious knew what I had to do It felt affect the most manifest romance, but I couldn't entertain explained why. I had this Jar of fragrance, not any old fragrance,