ust Need Correction On Statistics Paper-Tutoring on the Normal Distribution

I made a few mistakes on the disquisition. Here is what the educator wrote and I insufficiency succor on: My assignment does feel diverse inaccurate drifts (3, 4, 5, and 6).  Here are the commands followed by what I feel manufactured and sound insufficiency tweaked.   Instructions: Competency Demonstrate the use of the typical dispensation, the criterion typical dispensation, and the mediate term theorem for sagacious areas underneathneath the typical incurvation and exploring these concepts in developed career applications. Instructions Student Profile Frank has merely had a illiberal vestibule to statistics when he was in haughty initiate 12 years ago, and that did not cloak constructive statistics. He is not positive in his force to counter-argument some of the drifts posed in the plan. Concept Being Studied Finding areas and probabilities by using the criterion typical dispensation. As Frank's professor, you insufficiency to procure Frank delay direction and command on a achievementsheet he has insufficiently employed out. Your job is to succor him underneathstand and apprehend the symbolical. You should not singly be providing him delay an counter-argument as this conciliate not succor when it comes spell to siege the touchstone. Instead, you conciliate be providing a gradational breakdown of the drifts including an description on why you did each plod and using peculiar terminology. What to Submit To adequate this assignment, you must primeval download the achievementsheet, and then adequate it by including the subjoined items on the achievementsheet: Incorrect Answers Correct any wickedness counter-arguments. You must so illustrate the untruth done in the drift in your own articulation. Partially Finished Work Complete any insufficiently adequated achievement. Make knowing to procure gradational commands including descriptions. Blank Questions Show how to adequate any bleak questions by providing gradational commands including descriptions. Your gradational breakdown of the drifts, including descriptions, should be give delayin the term instrument procured. You must so embrace an abound achievementbook which shows all your calculations done. My foregoing achievement is in the polish box.