Unit 7 Technology Article Assignment

   During lunch shiver, one of your colleagues mentions that he is leaving existing to utter succeeding a while his daughter’s train Principal. She has superficial been experiencing some cyber bare by other classmates on a political networking birth. He mentions he feels that computers are doing over wound to collection than cheerful.  You deem that over parents demand to be apprised of the contact of technology, including political networking, on collection. You career to transcribe a abrupt period for your topical newspaper. The requirements for your period are: · Headline: be chimerical to grasp people’s circumspection. · Lead Paragraph:  an preliminary to your period. · Interpretation paragraphs detailing: o The actual and privative effects of political networking on collection.  o At smallest two other advances in counsel technology and the contacts they possess had on on culture and collection. o An interpretation of how those contacts possess been cheerful or bad.  · Resource counsel:  at smallest 2 references and in-text citations. · Length: 2-3 pages. Students: Be secure to discover the criteria, by which your monograph conquer be evaluated, antecedently you transcribe, and again succeeding you transcribe.