Two part assignment: adding background and contribution to knowledge sections to your existing foundational research elements document, and a 500- to 700-word addendum to your a research foundations paper that conveys how the SPL model provides structure

In this two-part assignment, you will: Develop a investigation pamphlet by adding elucidation and donation to acquirements individualitys to your massive foundational investigation elements document, and: Reflect on the SPL pattern discussions throughout the earliest impure courses of your program to convey how the SPL pattern contributes building for your proposed investigation. Part A: Research Foundations Paper (15 points) Review and integrate the feedback accepted on your pattern investigation elements submitted as Week 3 through Week 7 assignments. Ensure each of your elements is aligned, and perform revisions as compulsory. Add a elucidation individuality and a donation to acquirements individuality to your culminating investigation pamphlet. The elucidation individuality should contribute an overview of the subject-matter, and the donation to acquirements individuality should illustrate your consider's implicit donations to the matter of reading. Lay your muniment out using the forthcoming outline:  Background Problem Statement Purpose Contribution to Knowledge Research Questions Theoretical or Conceptual Framework  Part B: Reflecting on the SPL Model (5 points) Reflect on the SPL pattern discussions throughout the ACCESS continuity (DOC/700, LDR/711A, and DOC/705r). Develop a 500- to 700-word addendum to your a investigation foundations pamphlet that conveys how the SPL pattern contributes building for your proposed consider. Discuss specific moments of scholarship that occurred during DOC/700, LDR/711A, and DOC/705r that underlie your reflections. Review your completed muniment resisting the instruction in Rubrics A and B. Format your assignment using APA guidelines.