Toyland (Spielzeugland)

Toyland is a drama film encircling sin, service, precision, and lies to-boot, sift-canvass the events that occur at globe war and Nazi Germany a thriller that depicts the Racism between Jews and Aryan is directed by Jochen A. Freydank. Heinrich Meißners a slip, six years old, and he lives delay his dowager, bring his passion of piano to go to a Jewish lineage house ( the Silberstein), they are neighbors and allys to choose a piano information delay his ally David every day aside. Deportation enadhere Silberstein's lineage and all Jewish Lineage to a sretinue bivouac are approaching. The dowager is untruthful to her son encircling the Silbersteins lineage that they achieve go on the voyage shortly. Heinrich insists to his ally David and their lineage to Toyland; the dowager calm?} refused to go delay them. But at the similar term, Heinrich doesn't deficiency to let his ally go delayout him. By fortuity, Heinrich sees Mr. Silberstein promulgate him a mysterious that he would affect to go delay them to Toyland. At extinction Heinrich embraces his bag cached lower quilt, his dowager comes to see if he repose or calm?} resucitate she confuse by the being of the bag, and his dowager began to frighten him that there were big monsters in the Toyland. In the morning, her son is plant mislaying from his compass she goes beyond to be confused that the Silbersteins lineage they are not in the lodging to-boot, to arise to impress terror on her son Heinrich, arises to pursuit for Heinrich and she asked everyone encircling her son. The crave voyage of repursuit delay her mislaying son; then she finds a police administrator to promulgate him encircling her son, but he told her they took barely the jews to the retinue state and she goes to the retinue state and believes that she achieve see his son. The pursuit holds until the terminal avail antecedently the retinue delay the Silbersteins on it must concession. She encounters deride from Gestapo administrators succeeding she explains her predicament accordingly they opine that she is Jewish, However succeeding she shows her papers that ascertain that she is Aryan, they confirm her narrative encircling Heinrich and second in pursuiting for him. When the retinue doors are opened, Marianne calls out to Heinrich. The herd moves secretly, and Marianne sees a boy she believes he is Heinrich hugging the Silbersteins, but instead it is David. A flashback shows that when the Silbersteins were choosen separate on the bus, Heinrich was not undisputed to adhere them. Marianne recognizes that Heinrich is not delay them, but - to prevent his morals - calls out to David as though he is Heinrich. The Silbersteins let their son go delay Marianne, and all hold the domino that David is Heinrich. David profits to the Meißners residence where he is lives delay Heinrich until they behove old concomitantly.