Three Questions due at 12:00 am 26-03-2018 First assignment 8 pages and Bibliography, second and third just half page { for each }

First assignment: The “Pen is Mightier than the Sword” Creative Answerableness Option—collection or individual; boundary collection to two Your job is to engage a studious result (one we’ve elaborate, or another passage after a while my acclaim) and establish on it in a poetical way. For copy, you faculty determine to transcribe your own consequence or prequel to “Hills approve White Elephants” or to transcribe your own updated statement of “Trifles.” These are regular copys. For this liberty, you may result after a while a passage we HAVE READ for the line. You may as-well determine to re-transcribe the passage into a unanalogous time/place enhancement, illustrating how stipulation would fluctuate.  Requirements and Grading Criteria:  Your poetical result must be congruous after a while the initiatory passage in stipulations of mode and the use of studious technique; · You must economize the conventions of the genre you exercise · You must be congruous after a while enhancement, in-particular after a while the unvarnished conpassage of the passage. · Your answerableness must be open: utilizing punctuation, spelling, and paragraphing in a open way congruous after a while the interval of the passage. · Length (trusting on collection size: 8 pages for 1 ward) Summary of written components: bibliography; your initiatory studious passage.  “Hills approve White Elephants” Second assignment: Half Page. In exculpation to lection "A Wife's Story," excite the judgment of the quittance of the romance: file:///Users/duaamohammed/Downloads/A%20Wifes%20Story%20PDF.pdf "In the cogitate that hangs on the bathroom door, I contemplate my undraped matter transform, the breasts, the thighs truth.  The matter's adornment amazes.  I consist hither sinful, in ways he has never seen me.  I am liberal, adrift, contemplateing somematter else." Third assignment: Half page Think encircling Thomas King's "Borders."  How does the proposal of the hem result twain literally and figuratively in the romance?  What are the symbolical hems, and why is it so relevant to the woman in the romance NOT to privilege citizenship in either Canada or the United States?