The Verger

What is a “verger”? 1. Whither does he speed? 2. What does he do? The Incomplete Legend A new constituency has been appointed at St Peter's Church, Neville Clear in London. Accompanied by two eminent habitationwardens2, a mistress and a public, he has succeed to see Albert Edward Foreman, the verger. 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 The constituency began. "Foreman, we've got triton rather disagreepotent to say to you. You've been hither a huge frequent years and I opine his mistressship and the public subserve subjoined a while me that you've fulfilled your duties to the indemnification of incessantlyybody disturbed. The two habitationwardens nodded. "But, the other day, I discovered to my amazement that you could neither discaggravate nor transcribe. " The verger's countenance entered into no mark of disturbance. "The open constituency knew that, sir", he replied. "He said it didn't construct any estrangement.He constantly said that thither was too fur plainion in the universe for his nicety. " "It's the most astounding romance I've incessantly heard", cried the public. "Do you balance that you've been verger of this habitation for sixteen years and nincessantly courteous-informed to discaggravate or transcribe? " "I nincessantly looked to bear the term. I opine a lot of infantine correlatives attenuate lot of term discovering when they influence be doing triton conducive. " "But don't you neglect to recognize the intelligence? " said the other habitationwarden. "Don't you incessantly neglect to transcribe a epistle? " "No, my mistress, I look to administer very courteous subjoined a whileout. Now they've got all those pictures in the papers, I get to recognize what's going on tolerably courteous. My consort's entirely a disciple and if I neglect to transcribe a epistle, she transcribes it for me. " The two habitationwardens gave the constituency a dissatisfied scan and then looked down at the consultation. "Well, Foreman, these gentlemen subserve subjoined a while me that the footing is impracticable.At a habitation relish St. Peter's, Neville Square, we cannot bear a verger who can neither discaggravate nor transcribe. " Albert Edward's diluted countenance reddened, but he made no replication. "Understand me, Foreman, I bear no disease to construct inconsistent you. You do your toil entirely satisfactorily; I bear the leading theory of your ordain and of your capacity; but we bearn't the fit to engage the waste of some surroundings that influence supervene imputpotent to your lamenconsultation smattering. " "But couldn't you interpret, Foreman? " asked the public. "No, sir, I'm apprehensive I couldn't, not now.You see, I'm not as infantine as I was and if I couldn't get the epistles in my topic when I was a nipper3, I don't opine there's fur haphazard of it now. " "We don't neglect to be rough4 subjoined a while you, Foreman", said the constituency. "But the habitationwardens and I bear made up our minds. We'll yield you three months, and if at the end of that term you cannot discaggravate and transcribe, I'm apprehensive you'll bear to go. " Albert Edward had nincessantly relishd the new constituency. He'd said from the precountenance that they'd made a misengage when they gave him St. Peter's. "I'm very balance, sir, I'm apprehensive it's no cheerful-natured. I'm too old a dog to interpret new tricks.And if I could interpret now, I don't recognize if I'd neglect to. " "In that instance, Foreman, I'm apprehensive you must go. " "Yes, Sir, I entirely interpret. I shall be felicitous to artisan in my resignation5 as early as you've set star to engage my fix. " 1 2 the verger: le bedeau habitationwardens: membres du conseil paroissial. 3 nipper: gamin 4 rough: violent 5 resignation: a explicit propose of your contrivance to liberty a job, pose or structure. The Verger Albert Edward locked the habitation door subsequently him. Deep in his sad thoughts, he trudgeed unwillingly parallel. His core was weighty. He did not recognize what he should do subjoined a while himself.He sighed deeply. Albert Edward was a non-smoker, but subjoined a while a undenipotent latitude; that is to say, when he was jaded he enjoyed a cigarette. It occurred to him now that one would self-satisfaction him and, past he did not push them, he looked encircling for a accumulation whither he could buy a packet. He did not see one and trudgeed on a dirty. It was a desire street, subjoined a while all sorts of accumulations in it, but thither was not a one one whither you could buy cigarettes. "That's surprising", said Albert Edward. "I can't be the solely man who trudges parallel this street and neglects a fag. A correlative influence do very courteous subjoined a while a dirty accumulation hither.Tobacco and harmoniouss .. . That's an notion. " He considered the subject from incessantlyy summit of aim and proximate day he went parallel the street and by cheerful-natured-natured prosperity set a dirty accumulation to let6 that looked as though it would precisely subserve him. Twenty-four hours subjoined he had engagen it and when, a month subjoined, he left St. Peter's, Neville Square, for incessantly, Albert Edward Foreman set up in concern as a tobacconist and intelligenceagent. His consort said it was a terrible succeeddown7 subjoined society verger of St. Peter's, but he answered that you had to provoke subjoined a while the terms, the habitation wasn't what it was. Albert Edward did so courteous that in a year or so it struck him that he influence engage a cooperetest accumulation and put a administerr in. He looked for another desire street that hadn't got a tobacconist in it and when he set it, and a accumulation to let, took it. This was a prosperity too. Then it occurred to him that if he could run8 two, he could run half a dozen, so he began trudgeing encircling London and, whenincessantly he set a desire street that had no tobacconist and a accumulation to let, he took it. In ten years he had habitual ten accumulations. Complete Monday, he went complete to all of them, attentive the week's takings and took them to the bank.One waking, when he was there, the disadmonish told him that the administerr would relish to see him. He was shown into an calling-post and the administerr shook artisans subjoined a while him. "Mr. Foreman, I neglected to talk to you encircling the coin you've got on guarantee subjoined a while us. Do you recognize precisely how fur it is? " "I've got a uncourteous notion. " "It's a dirty aggravate thirty thousand pounds. That's a very capacious sum to bear on guarantee and you'd do emend to endow it. " "I wouldn't neglect to engage a waste, sir. I recognize it's unendangered in the bank. " "You needn't bear the balanceest trouble. We'll construct you a inventory of securities.They'll induce you a emend retest of share than we can perchance supply to yield you. We'll do incessantlyything. All you'll bear to do proximate term you succeed in is uprighteous to mark the transfers. " "I could do that", said Albert uncertainly. "But how would I recognize what I was marking? " "I divine you can discover", said the administerr sharply. "Well, sir, that's uprighteous it. I can't. I recognize it sounds droll, but thither it is, I can't discaggravate or transcribe, solely my spectry, and I solely interprett to do that when I went into concern. " The administerr was so surprised he jumped up from his chair. "That's the most remarkpotent romance I've incessantly heard. He stared at him as though he were a prehistoric abnormity. "Do you balance to say that you've built up this grave concern and amassed a luck of thirty thousand pounds subjoined a whileout society potent to discaggravate or transcribe? Good-natured God, man, what would you be now if you had been potent to? " "I can judge you that, sir", said Mr. Foreman, a dirty encourage on his generous atoms. "I'd be verger of St. Peter's, Neville Square. " W. Somerset Maugham (1874-1965) 40 45 50 55 60 65 70 75 80 let: ici, louer (un magasin) succeeddown: You say that triton is a succeeddown if you opine it is not as cheerful-natured-natured as triton else that you bear uprighteous executed or had. run: If you run triton as a accumulation, concern, structure, etc. , you are in admonish of it. -27 6 The Verger Watch & READ 1. Sum up: Where? Who? What? … 2. Compare the TV ordain and the incomplete legend. Find at balanceest two greater estrangements. Control 1. Match these control from the legend subjoined a while the translations below: habitationwardens, nipper, rough, fag, takings, securities. titres, violent, recette, membres du conseil paroissial, gamin, cigarette (fam. ). 2. a) Two of the control are rather free. Who uses them? b) The countenance “imputpotent to your lamenconsultation smattering” is of a upper smooth of colloquy.Who says it? Can you specific it over solely? c) Find other examples of irrelative smooths of colloquy. What does this judge us encircling the irrelative ordains? 3. Find unquestioned sayings in the quotation which agree to the follimputpotent in French: a) On n'apprend pas a un vieux singe a faire la grimace. b) Il faut vivre avec son temps. Explain what they balance in the conquotation of the incomplete legend. ANALYSIS 1. The incomplete legend engages fix in separate irrelative fixs. Choose the fit ones in the chasten ordain: a) b) c) d) e) f) a bank a accumulation the streets of London a village clear below reward trees a habitation. . Eight ordains are mentioned in the legend. Spectry them, specifying which ones really engage multiply and in which of the overhead fixs they show. 3. Which of the ordains bear the follimputpotent summits of aim? Be considerate, one is not held by any of them: a) b) c) d) e) f) g) Lection and despatches are not conducive occupations for the infantine. Society illiteretest can be exposed. Started in a habitation is far conspicuous to toiling in a accumulation. Learning is closely impracticpotent for the old. Illiteracy and concern prosperity are wholly contradictory. Habitation is the notionl fix to interpret how to discover.You can get by in new society subjoined a whileout discovering skills. -3- The Verger 4. Pick out three gestures or facial countenances that test that the habitationwardens are over involved than Foreman. Explain why this is so. 5. The follimputpotent chart sums up the deep events of the legend. Say in what ordain they engage fix. The foremost one is executed for you: a bfit notion a renunciation exposition an ironic omission a remote trudge an bestow to endow a decisive occasion to imtest a disapproval to interpret an astounding thread a neat meeting 1 6. What two reasons are yieldn for Foreman's renunciation? In your theory, are they uprighteousified? 7.Only two of the follimputpotent countenances could be used to portray Foreman in the incomplete legend. Which ones? Justify by quoting the quotation. gentlemanly • feeble • severe • a weighty smoker • noble-looking • penetrating to interpret. 8. “Antonyms” are control that bear inconsistent balanceings. Find a brace in lines 36-38. What do they judge us encircling the verger's ordain? 9. Which one of the follimputpotent plays a key role in the bud of the devise? Explain how. a epistle • a intelligencepaper • a dog • a cigarette • a harmonious • a pen • a prehistoric abnormity. 10. In your theory, why is it that the TV ordain doesn’t atom the cigarette as the key atom of the devise? 1. “Funny” has two balanceings in English: surprising and amusing. Which two multiplys of Foreman's colloquy subjoined a while the bank administerr illustretest each of the balanceings?12. What “moral” could you transcribe at the end of the legend? WRITTING Essay (encircling 300 control) 1. “There's too fur plainion in the universe. ” Explain what this criticise balances in the conquotation of the incomplete legend. Which skills are not open by a explicit plainional method? Do you opine that an plainion can sometimes be a artisanicap? 2. A father tries to inoculate his son that plainion is the solely route to prosperity. His son disagrees. Imagine the tete-a-tete. 150 control, bac ES juin 2002) SOME / ANY / NO 1. “Foreman, we've got triton rather disagreepotent to say to you. ” (l. 2). “... as early as you've set star. ” (l. 36-37). Decomposez triton et star. S'agit-il d'une chose et d'une personne determinees, encore indeterminees implant l'instant ? 2. The verger's countenance entered into no mark of disturbance. (l. 7). He made no replication. (l. 22). “I bear no disease to construct. ” (l. 23). Quel est le quantifieur utilise ? Le verbe se bestowe-t-il alors sous la forme absolute, ou sous la forme privative ? -4- The Verger Qu'affirme-t-on lorsqu'on emploie no ? 3.He said it didn't construct any estrangement (l. 8). A quelle forme est le verbe ? Quel est le quantifieur utilise ensuite ? 4. “We bearn't the fit to engage the waste of some surroundings that influence supervene... ” (l. 24-25) Surroundings est-il un denombrpotent ou un indenombrpotent ? Singulier ou pluriel ? Some renseigne-t-il ici sur une quantite? Pourquoi ? De quel ordre est l'indetermination apportee par some ici ? 5. I'm apprehensive it's no cheerful-natured. (l. 33). Quelle est la essence du mot sur lequel porte l'notion no ? S'agit-il d'une notion portant sur la quantite ou sur la qualite ? CAN / MAY aux fashions DIRECT/ INDIRECT 1.Thither was not a one one whither he could buy cigarettes. (l. 43) Transformez l'enonce au bestow. A quoi etait du le preterit de can ? Can indique-t-il : une propriete du sujet he, une possibilite materielle liee a la footing ? 2. "I could do that", said Albert uncertainly (l. 70) L’enonce est-il au fashion plain ou inplain ? Le preterit est-il : valeur temporelle, valeur modale (incertitude de l'enonciateur concernant la realisation de l'evenement) ? Quel mot du mattere vous le prouve ? 3. "I can't be the solely man who... " (l. 45). Albert Edward considere-t-il : qu'il n'a pas la possibilite d'etre le seul homme qui. ... u'il est impracticpotent / impenspotent qu'il soit le seul homme qui... ? 4. “A correlative influence do very courteous subjoined a while a dirty accumulation hither. ” (l. 45-46). Cet enonce est-il au fashion plain ou inplain ? Le preterit de may indique-t-il : que do very courteous etait eventuellement potential a un force du timeworn, une hypothese (do very courteous) dont la realisation est envisagee comme non-impracticpotent ? 5. It occurred to him that if he could run two, he could run half a dozen. (l. 55-56). Reformulez au fashion plain ce que Albert Edward s'est dit. Quel temps avez-vous utilise? A quoi etait du le preterit de can ?Could indique-t-il : une des potentialites, une des capacites de Albert Edward, une eventualite? Criticise traduisez-vous cet enonce? 6. It struck him that he influence engage a cooperetest accumulation. (l. 53). L’enonce est-il au fashion plain ou inplain ? On a vu a la ligne 48 que influence est aussi potential au fashion plain. Repensez au mattere d'emploi de influence dans ce cas avant de repondre a la investigation suivante. Albert Edward s'est-il dit “I may engage a cooperetest accumulation”? “I influence engage a cooperetest accumulation”? La regle dite de concordance des temps due au sentence au fashion inplain est-elle valpotent ici? -5-