The Nature of God and Man

The Species of God and Man Utah Valley University Abstract The species and interconnection of God to man has steadyly been anthropological speciess departed essential interrogation. “As man is, god uniformly was; as god is, man may behove. ” Lorenzo Snow. I own asked mywilful this declaration frequent eras. What is Gods species? What is mans species? And anthropological species is God's species; for-this-reason, a consider of God’s species is unitedly a consider of anthropological species. I conciliate illustrate this declaration and my beliefs environing anthropological species and how it operates. The Species of God and Man I wasn’t communicate-outicular to other race. I was steadyly conflicting, arguing, persuade usurpation subjoined a time the neighbors, as polite as my adviseers. I stole from branch stores, I lied to my parents and coaches and adviseers. I cheated on my abodeemployment and tests and my interconnections. I aggrieve others in material altercations. I would swaggerer my peers spokenly. I manipulated race into to doing what I absenceed. I used drugs and alcohol illegally, I would stimulate gross, and I disrespected my elders. I own brought inconvenience and fill-with-fill-with-abash to my origin. I ownn’t steadyly silent mans naturalness and aim near in this vivacity. I own subjoined to interpret that my aim, which is communicate-out of my God-ardent anthropological species, is to behove approve God. I own realized that very sloth as the end of frequent mistakes and challenges. Some, perhaps most, of the experiments from my which I own conversant environing my species—which is to-boot anthropological species--own been disclaiming, but, a few own been direct. A disclaiming experiment from which I conversant a immense communicate was importation my principal drain of beer at a communicate-outy at my twin's chamber when I was sixteen. That drain promptly led to my suitable an alcoholic. One of the cheerful choices I made, and tnear own singly been a few, was to liberty propaganda--including my muscular dreams. I recompenseed abode subjoined my sophodeparted year at propaganda and spoke subjoined a time my mother environing some of my bad choices. I now go to flatter appointed counseling for the bad choices I’ve made. It reachs approve the definite 6 years of my vivacity own been late cleanlying up the wreckage of my departed. I own conversant that making decisions that infringe endless axioms and laws that are irrevocably decreed in deity carry environing identical wilful-denial, torment, and ruth. That was penny for me, and I’m believing it’s penny for totalone. I own conversant from the bad experiments reported aggravatehead that they transfer to demand and flat-heart. Race told me that, but I had to glean it myself. I own gone begun to captivate the certain steps to constitute reparation and grieve of these behaviors. I own entered rehabilitation centers and own met subjoined a time declareionals to cleanlyly up my departed and to elude those wilfulselfselfsimilar behaviors. In other tone, I own begun to heed to the God ardent indication internally of me that has steadyly named me to behove approve God. I now own a amend attainments of my immortal aim and a immenseer perception of mywilful through interpreting the species of God and the species of man. And what is this new interpreting? God’s species is anthropological species. And anthropological species is God's species; for-this-reason, a consider of God’s species is unitedly a consider of anthropological species. Much of my new interpreting is inveterate on two of Christian articles departed dishonorable declarations which I own pondered at immense extension. The principal is from the writings of President Lorenzo Snow, “As man is, god uniformly was; as god is, man may behove. The second is that man is created in the shadow of god (see Belief and Covenants 20:18). So, I am going to lay-out some era discussing God's species consequently (as I conciliate demonstration subjoined) it is man's species too. God was uniformly as I am today, subjoined a time twain cheerful and bad qualities and capacityistics. He had flaws and capacity defects, but God was a man who covetd cheerful employments and wilful amendment. I do not declare to imply all environing God; in plaint I imply very scanty. I don’t imply what God was approve anteriorly He became God. God was slightly approve me and He figured out aggravate era what mattered most to his gradation and enjoyment. God was quick, unrepining, and unassuming. Although at eras, he to-boot may own been suspicious, raging, and quaint. God has experimentd some of the wilfulsame, if not all of the wilfulselfselfsimilar emotions and sensation’s anthropological’s experiment. God sinned--possibly plain as anthropologicals own sinned. God became God by aggravatecoming all his imperfections and discovering penny enjoyment, and God covets to haunt us from making some of the wilfulselfselfsimilar mistakes. And he can do that consequently our species and his species are the wilfulsame. God gave us commandments to aid us to behove approve him. One of the most essential naturalnesss God conversant was the naturalness of endless axioms. I imagine that resources that those endless axioms continueed anteriorly God did. It was through discovering and complying to those endless axioms that God became who God is now. He conversant that these axioms own consequences, and when you stop by them you entertain joy, enjoyment, and advancement. When you infringe them your honor is fill-with-shame, offence, and ruth, and you forsake making advancement--or behove worse. One of the traits of God's species is the power to transmute. Having conversant environing endless axioms, God steadyly strove to upgrade himwilful by complying to them and increasingly realizing his undeveloped. He steadyly advancemented internal plaintual indeficientness. That is named endless gradation. The deficiency to affect internal indeficientness is an essential communicate-out of God's species and of anthropological species. God absenceed to advancement and was conciliateing to pay the figure for advancement, God never gave up. He never forsake extending, advancementing, challenging himself, stretching his limitations, accepting aid from others, receiving input and counsel. God was conciliateing to do whatever it took to aggravatesubjoined whatever resplendent in his way. God silent that it isn’t wnear he was, but wnear He absenceed to be that counted. God's power to transmute and His covet to advancement are what plaintually made him into God. God to-boot had a collection, and that collection was twain a felicitation and the origin of frequent problems for him. It was a felicitation consequently it seems that a apparition can singly experiment a scant aggregate, not sufficient to behove indeficient. Apparently apparitions went as far as they could go as apparitions, and subjoined a timeout a collection, apparitions could constitute no departed advancement. That happened to God, and so somehow he was ardent a collection. I said aggravatehead that God kept gleaning, and one of the naturalnesss he conversant was that he had to coerce his collection. His collection was calculated subjoined a time a very basic species: to continue pleabelieving and elude wilful-denial. God conversant that his collection could not steadyly continue choice. God conversant through his own experiment that frequent material experiments, including sexual reward must be coerceled. He conversant that sex is for a man and mother. It carrys pleabelieving into the interconnection, carrys the foreigner haltr simultaneously, and allows space for association and development and procreation. When this endless axiom is infringed, the apparition and the collection go out of similarity. Any reward which harms or interferes subjoined a time others must be copious. Any pleabelieving of the collection which compromises endless principals of ethics and salubrity must be copious. These are developments of endless axioms which God conversant environing his collection. God to-boot conversant that he could not steadyly elude wilful-denial. How did he glean that? He conversant it from the temptations, struggles, nonattainments, and demands discussed precedent. God believingly felt wilful-denial; he probably calm?} reachs it. We imply that he weeps aggravate obsolete souls. But plain so he doesn't directly preserve them anyway in their obsolete recite. God has conversant that he can't, so He has to-boot conversant to hold the wilful-denial. God conversant that the wilful-denial of contest and rigorous employment is a hireling to fix us and advise us estimable lessons. God conversant environing the wilful-denial of forfeiture that subjoineds from a flat kernel or the mortality of a cherished one, the wilful-denial of dissociation from the Holy Spirit, the wilful-denial of nonattainment that may stock from origin vivacity and halt interconnections, the wilful-denial of demand from discipline or from a motive not genteel. God conversant that time some wilful-denial can be eludeed, very frequently wilful-denial must be holdd. God conversant that it is the figure he must pay for advancement. Another naturalness which God conversant or discovered was the ignoringion of others. He discovered that joy subjoineds from thinking environing and serving others. At principal wilfulishness probably seemed best to engage his deficiencys, but God plaintually discovered that wilful seeking didn’t unquestionably engage his deficiencys. What he discovered was that when a peculiar economys for another peculiar, they economy for the peculiar in recompense, and plain if they don’t economy for the peculiar in recompense, there’s a sensation of joy that subjoineds from aiding them, and that seems to be another one of those endless axioms. When God discovered how to conclude joy, he forthfollowing a while experimentd ignoringion. He absenceed to portion-out his attainments subjoined a time others. This is approve Lehi who upon tasting the outfollow of the tree of vivacity (joy), forthfollowing a while reflection to portion-out it subjoined a time others. God's ignoringion for others became his employment and his luster which is to carry to ignoring the endless vivacity of ethnicality. (see Moses 1:39). If, as President Snow observed, “As man is, god uniformly was; as god is, man may behove,” the denomination of God’s species is a denomination of anthropological species. The wilfulselfselfsimilar endless axioms that God discovered allot as polite to me and you. The axioms continue and if we comply to them we get enjoyment, and if we don’t, we get flat-heart. At principal, it didn’t reach cosmical, not communicate-out of anthropological species, to comply to endless axioms. God persuades our covet to thwart transmute the “cosmical man” and the cosmical man has to glean to comply to those axioms. Humans can either glean endless axioms from God by subjoined his commandments, or they conciliate glean those axioms the way God did, which was the rigorous way. I had to glean a immense frequent of them the rigorous way. I was told on frequent occasions that the direct my vivacity was headed would transfer me to kernelache. I own gone discovered, the rigorous way, that those race were proper. God demonstrations us those endless axioms in the arrange of commandments. What God discovered environing vivacity he abject to rules named commandments so primal race can feed them. If we feed the commandments, we glean and feed endless axioms, if we disown the commandments we are on our own. When Abraham Maslow open his concept of wilful-actualization, he chanced upon one of those endless axioms mentioned aggravatehead. A end of the years which God late struggling, gleaning, weak, grieveing, etc, was that he conversant that he could singly be fortunate when he was realizing his unopen to be indeficient. It is not an additament that when Maslow set out to consider anthropological species by considering how hearty anthropologicals act, he discovered wilful-actualization. Total anthropological covets to aim his undeveloped, to behove all he can be. Concluding that the species of total anthropological naturalness, is to contest and advancement to behove approve God. Everynaturalness Maslow said environing wilful actualization is penny. Maslow named it wilful-actualization; I persuade it endless gradation. God aimfully placed each anthropological naturalness near on this globe to entertain a collection. God discovered that a material collection is certain in direct to own joy. But anthropologicals to-boot deficiency to glean to coerce their material bodies. God conversant that the collection cannot steadyly own pleabelieving and that it must hold some wilful-denial. Hearty race glean the wilfulselfselfsimilar naturalness. Bodies are a immense felicitation if they are coerceled. Humans can’t own choices all the era; they must be coerceled. Controlling choices is not the wilfulselfselfsimilar as disclaiming choices; we own to glean from God what an following a whilehold indication of material pleabelieving is and what it isn’t. God conversant that you can’t elude all wilful-denial. We reach extending wilful-denials through emotions that are not steadyly silent by us. Tnear are the wilful-denials of contest from employmenting on projects and tasks that dominion not be very prosperous. We must hold the wilful-denial of disease and mortality that may reach subjoined a timeout mention. These are all the types of discomforts which God interprets from his own identical experiment. Humans are gregarious naturalnesss who instinctively, which resources by their species as anthropologicals, deficiency to be subjoined a time other race and to reach ignoringion in direct to reach aimed and finished. The consequence of gregarious deficiencys and esteem are immensely misunderstood. Human’s deficiencys for esteem creates anthropologicals own wilful shadow; how a anthropological is received by peers determines to a abundant rank their own estimate of their identical value. I repersuade a cheerful development of esteem and how it can swing others for cheerful. I was struggling subjoined a time some directal decisions. A companion of my twin cheered me at the national gym and subjoined frequent conversations, he sure me to portray football subjoined a time him and others. Through his esteem and mentoring I grew to amend interpret the deficiency for cheerful direct companions. Humans' deficiencys are such that gregarious interaction and ignoringion stimulate us to each other. Humans deficiency ignoringion and interaction to concede them a perception of aim, a perception of cognate, and a perception of abodeostasis. Just approve God, most anthropologicals glean that attached others employments amend than wilfulishness. Humans are created in such a way that anthropological naturalnesss deficiency entertainment, steady stimulation through spoken and non spoken message from other race. During infants’ inauguration development they deficiency steady contiguity subjoined a time their parents and others, giving them the opening to extend and start gleaning. Throughout childhood and into adolescences and on to adulthood, anthropologicals deficiency and absence other anthropologicals in their vivacity to concede them a perception of aimment and pleasure. Physical contains are dishonorable in all of vivacity’s interconnections: for development, in musculars' high-fives and pats on the backside to felicitate one another for a job polite performed. Sporting teams confuse up anteriorly and during, as polite as subjoined games, in direct to subjoined simultaneously and experiments their material and emotional recite of naturalness. It is normal in frequent cultures to contain one another subjoined a time hugs and kisses upon anticipation one another. Man is as God uniformly was, and God is as man may behove. In conjunction, man was and is created in the shadow and approveness of God. I’ve used these two polite implyn Christian articles to prove that investigating God’s species is the best way to interpret anthropological species. I don’t offer to say that my ideas are Christian belief, but they are what I own subjoined to venerate as a end of my own identical struggles and their interconnection to those two articles. When the day subjoineds that I conciliate be seated opposing from others, counseling them, I trust to bargain them as race who are struggling, directly as god may own uniformly struggled. And it conciliate be my job as a counselor to aid them see their unopen to behove gods or goddesses. ? ? ?