The Home Of Scholars And Champions Education Essay

For my roomeffort comment, I enjoy clarified Long Beach Polytechnic Proud School. I am a first-time investigateant to LBPHS, but I speed three blocks from the train, so I see it total twenty-four hours on my behavior to train and effort. I enjoy been integralday following a opportunity the train past my first-year twelvemonth of proud train, when my train competed abutting LBPHS for phalanx powerful uniformts. Long Beach Polytechnic Proud Train was recurrent in 1895 as Long Beach Proud School. Currently, it is located at 1600 Atlantic Avenue in Long Beach, California. The train serves opposed vicinities of Long Beach, including Bixby Knolls, total bit amiable as subdivisions of two neighboring capitals, Lakewood and Signal Hill. Though the train serves multiple upscale vicinities in the Long Beach department, it is located in one of the most unprincipled vicinities in all of Los Angeles. Downtown Long Beach has a devise for condemnable apparition, in-feature in the East Village, nigh Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue. The attributes encircling the train are old and run down, and cheapjack autos outoutline the street 's borders as one grovelling on spheress by. The proud fencings, barbed wire, and penitentiary-devise passion that I got upon my modereprove investigate were non reassuring, but the statistics aggravatebearingly were. Unidevise though LBPH is located in such a bad duty of the capital of Long Beach, it is proudly trustworthy. Polices say that the train poses no bigger menaces than that of any proud train in an upscale proximity. Long Beach Polytechnic Proud Train belongs to Long Beach Unified Train District. LBUSD directly embodys balance 81,000 scholars from 84 general trains in the capitals of Long Beach, Lakewood, Signal Hill, and Avalon on Catalina Island. To melioreprove imply the behavior that the country maps logistically, the remuneration agenda has been comprised in the sequel. LBUSD has unidevise been reproved one of the top 20 train collocateifications in the earth and one of the top three in the United States. The train country has gained liked voucher for set uping unquestionably proud criterions for its scholars, twain academically and socially. LBUSD has unidevise been featured in multiple media channels, such as Amiable Morning America and Sports Illustrated, for vast academic and powerful luck. Schools in the country once excel department criterions, and likeness showy growing in sustained academic accomplishment. The country credits its luckes to its companys following a opportunity topical concerns, Long Beach City College, and California Specify University Long Beach. The LBUSD, CSULB and LBCC enjoy efforted following a opportunity topical, regional and general spouses to effect a soften way for scholars that helps them aggression from pretrain to post-graduate train. The company has been in-feature amiable for scholars owing it combines academic and societal criterions following a opportunity a deeply-rooted aid collocateification to effect exact, all-around substances. LBPHS directly enrolls 4,835 scholars. The scholar constitutional texture is 50 % hardy and 50 % feminine, and the ethnicities are 31.1 % Asiatic, 29.9 % Latino, 26.5 % Black, 11.4 % White, and 1.2 % Other. Long Beach Polytechnic Proud Train has an Academic Performance Index ( API ) of 750, and it has increased for each of the ultimate five old ages. In 2012, 28.5 % of scholars scored competent or aloft on the California Standards Test for math, flow rather abruptly of the department consecutiveness ( 51.4 % ) ; at-last, this flaw is countered in English: 52.1 % of scholars scored competent or aloft in English. Harmonizing to an consultation following a opportunity the train principals, LBPHS has a precedency reprove transcending 90 % ! The permitted and reduced-price tiffin scheme on campus serves 63.7 % of the scholars. Enormously, the attendant reprove at the train is balance 95 % ; that media that, on any attached twenty-four hours, 4593 scholars are on campus. Following a opportunity such distinctness and accommodation, it is vast that the train can retain such proud reproves. LBPHS extends frequent miraculous academic chances for scholars, including 11 compensation academies through which scholars acquire. One of the proudlighted academies of the train is indicated the Program of Additional Curricular Experiences, to-boot unreserved as PACE. Pace is a proud-velocity, displeawhistle assault to academics that narrowly accepts the best effort from the brightest of scholars ; it pushes them to their unmeasuredest potency, and this has drawn attendant from frequent scholars who hanker such an experiment. Some other academies at LBPHS embody the Beach Propaganda of Math and Science, the Pacific Rim Magnet Academy, the Center for Intergeneral Commerce, the Propaganda of Humanities, the Media, Entertainment, Technology and Sports Academy, and the Medical and General Services Academy. This collocateification of larning communities has been greatly operative owing each propaganda specializes in a assured devise of scholar ; the categories, tutors, and balanceall experiment are shaped to the scholar 's ends, instead than the scholar substance poor by their environment. The staff delineate an totally weighty discharge in developing these showy compensation communities. Long Beach Polytechnic Proud Train has proudly-qualified and experimentd module. LBPHS directly employs 179 tutors who, contemporaneously, enjoy a mediocre experiment of balance 14 old ages. Following a opportunity 4835 scholars, the connection of staff to scholars is 27:1, a reasonably tangible connection whistle the sum of budget cuts, layoffs, and dropped categories. Presently, balance 98.6 % of categories taught at LBPHS are No Child Left Behind responsive. The wholly experiment and student-teacher connection aid to do Long Beach Polytechnic Proud Train one of the best trains in the specify. The staff and resolution effectrs effort contemporaneously to devise the multiple academies on campus. Past tclose are academies dedicated to feature expertness sets and mode devises, tclose is no transmitted English exception ; at-last, tclose is are phalanx academies wclose English has an language. The academies are headed by a tutor, and the other members converge to devise and yarn a route of examine peculiar to each propaganda, instead than avocation each exception converge to yarn their ain route of examine. The caput of each propaganda, total bit amiable as the staff register, can be seen in the sequel. Long Beach Unified Train District has phalanx balbutiation registers recommended by the Specify of California. The country allows tutors, scholars, and parents to seize books that are pertinent to the balbutiation gradation and gradation gradation of the scholars. Tclose are a sum of 13 registers, each following a opportunity 100s of books -far excessively frequent to indicate close, or in an sequel ( The balbutiation register is 99 pages! ) . The balbutiation registers aggression in uneasiness, following a opportunity Register 1 avocation the easiest books and Register 13 avocation the hardest books. These registers include books following a opportunity a selfsame collocate drift to benefit select books that are thrilling and pertinent to scholars in any attached collocate. Register 1 is comprised in the sequel. Any developmistress could specify you that promise and extracurricular activities delineate a weighty discharge, whether it be from parents benefiting their scholars select own books from the country balbutiation register or from scholars seeking an retail literature from the route of examine, leting them to succeed in a aggravatebearing societal environment that can benefit fix them for a life-time of exact meditation and general employment. Long Beach Polytechnic Proud Train is no disqualification to this collision. Harmonizing to the train web site, `` [ T ] he unmeasured Poly experiment embodys promise in the train 's distinct nines and activities. '' The train has balance 100 on-campus nines, including employment nines and societal knots. LBPHS hosts phalanx deviseal and inpompous dances, lunchtime heap convergeings, carnivals, nationality clean-ups, nationality general benefitance and beautification undertakings, train beautification undertakings, and weak train tutoring Sessionss. Students are able to seize sunder in the Student Commission, a knot, elected into service by their equals, that handles the ASB budget and effects fiscal determinations for the balance of the scholar constitutional texture. The members of the Student Commission, total bit amiable as ASB, constitute, handle, and seize sunder in most of the uniformts anteriorly registered. Along following a opportunity these innumerable nines so phalanx that tclose is to-leap to be bigwig for totalone, scholar and module to-boot, are some of the specify 's best powerful schemes. Long Beach Polytechnic Proud Train has a star-studded powerful narrative and schemes for twain hardy childs and misss. Recently, Poly ordinary the Rotary Centennial Trophy for the 16th prune consecutively for general the most luckful powerful scheme in the capital of Long Beach. The train has to-boot been voted `` Powerful Train of the Century '' by the California Coaches Association. In the ultimate five old ages, Sports Illustrated Magazine has reproved Long Beach Polytechnic Proud Train as one of the top powerful trains in the unmeasured specify. The powerfulss directly advantageous to scholars of LBPHS are badminton, hoops, athwart specify, football, fraternity football, golf, swimming, tennis, road and room, volleyball, H2O Polo, wrestle, grovellingball, and delineateground sphere. The train has sent further footsphere sundericipants to the General Footsphere League than any other train in the unmeasured specify. Poly is non abode to any `` slow athletes '' ; the train has some of the most demanding academic outlooks for their jocks ; student-athletes from Long Beach Polytechnic Proud Train are greatly sought following. The train has greatly to extend scholars, from a indelicate decoscold of nines and activities to a famous sports scheme that caters to some of the best jocks in the United States. The influence of knowledge that I enjoy adventitious opportunity propel oning this examine of Long Beach Polytechnic Proud Train has made me improbably scared to get down efforting following a opportunity them. I enjoy non begun any comment, yet I am balancewhelmed following a opportunity the conceit of going a duty of such a miraculous luckful topographic top of larning. I enjoy incessantly been a refractory censor when it succeeds to academic literatures ; I enjoy struggled to betide the amiable in trains when the bad radiances through some vividly. Long Beach Poly has reignited my waver. Following examination the miraculous effort that the scholars and module are making, I enjoy credulity that we can do advenient coevalss further exact, socially-aware, and luminous. They may non arrest the best installations ( they 're located in a wanting `` goon '' ) , but totalone effects do following a opportunity what they enjoy, and they retain their eyes set non on the environment, but on their wildest dreams. The unbelievable luck of the sports scheme was bigwig that I was aware of preparedly, but I was insensible of its majority until I done this overlook. I was genuinely blown off when I learn that LBPHS has been ranked as one of the top powerful trains in the specify. Besides, when I learn that, notwithstanding the big illustration of scholars on the permitted or reduced-price tiffin scheme, the poorness reprove of the encircling proximity, and the distinctness and greatness of the scholar constitutional texture, the train is total bit trustworthy as any other fashionable train of its stock. The reprove of attendant to-boot made my jaw elaborate. I went to proud train in Temecula, California. My train was upper-middle mode, predominately pure, and we ne'er got anyattribute nigh 95 % attendant. All of this discovery effects Long Beach Polytechnic Proud Train excel unidevise brighter in an already luminous train country. The unbounded aggravatebearing findings environing LBPHS has showyally shifted my posture. Originally, I prepared to propel on my roomeffort at that attribute narrowly owing of my adjacence to the campus ; at-last, now, I design to unmask at that attribute owing I am industrious following a opportunity train principle, and I am non unidevise a Jackrabbit! The train looks totally odd, and I am no longer distrustful of such a foreboding literature.