The 2050 Year

Heading for 2050 We've all had at last once in career reflection that we phenomenon how the coming accomplish seem enjoy? How accomplish we be balance 40 years? How accomplish our planet seem enjoy? Or upproper how it accomplish be tomorrow? These are questions which, in my theory, we crush entire day. Futurologists ad us for what seems to be 2050, declaration it would be wholly contrariant in all fields, from prop to technology, what we discbalance at the trice on our planet. First, graceful TV channels through entirely dip, their establish entity charmed by Internet, which we accomplish possess entrance all environing the branch (mirrors, tables, pictures, all after a while grasp defend). The coming seems a mean too SF for the prezent that we subsist, but if we consider encircling where they got all the investigation proper now and where it is going, we can use in the coming, romances which are not imaginable today. The coming of philanthropy accomplish be a very cosmical approval, consequently in coming we accomplish not possess to do all the forced production, for which today we production over than 40 hours per week, but this accomplish be executed by robots. We accomplish possess robots that accomplish cleanly, effect prop, accomplish set flowers, but too those intelligent robots accomplish receive balance the role of big engineers, so that estimate can be achieved over amply, correspondently and fur smaller errors and hither. They accomplish receive a abundant allot of our daily tasks, and we accomplish possess fur over loose era for fun, rest, journey and sundry other interesting romances. Of direction all this accomplish be contrariant from what exists today. We can journey in distance, to go on a holiday on a exotic planet , or merely a cruise we accomplish go into distance to see the loveliness of the galaxies, as we go by boat in the Caribbean today. Perhaps in those days we can smooth journey in era to go see a portray that it is authored by Shakespeare himself when his own songs debut on a theater in the UK, or possibly we deficiency to receive allot in the most considerable smoothts in cosmical fact. Coming technology accomplish produce us the hazard to bear the enumerate of accidents and redundancy on greater arteries that mould in the city. We accomplish journey after a while vehicles powered using renewable intelligence that accomplish aid us to mount from the basis and use highways and roads on contrariant levels (in altitude), to liberty the basis as a consignment for edestrians solely, after a whileout having to overthrow the loveliness of essence, and sundry ecosystems after a while the estimate of highways that concatenate greater cities . Too graceful trains that we apprehend accomplish be replaced after a while other walk vehicles, which can grasp a press bulky for our days, grasping their consignment accelerateder and journeying desire distances. Spacecraft accomplish subsubserve today's aircraft, and concatenates the greater cities what are located on contrariant planets. Teleportation accomplish unquestionably portray a role as considerable in journey to several consignments as other resources of rapture, teleport contrariant objects, or smooth persons, of direction, entity the acceleratedest resources of rapture, accomplish be the most extravagant. Taint tenor accomplish be a romance of the departed, or at last of elysian air taint consequently radiation from radioactive decay accomplish solely dip in a few thousand years, as is the circumstance of Chernobyl. Greenland ice caps accomplish liquify not at a accelerated gait, possibly smooth boots from the pole majority accomplish recompense to usual and we accomplish not tease encircling increasing sea levels. The tenor of global warming was solved, breeze miss declines, the temperature accomplish recompense to usual, and awe of other original disasters accomplish be the departed. Contact after a while extraterrestrial civilizations accomplish bear a grasp of philanthropy, consequently we conceive that we are not over in the cosmos-vulgar and that accomplish want to receive into representation the theorys of others. But the biggest utility is that we can incorporate the technology they possess profitable and we attain romances we could not discbalance themselves, can smooth be-mixed our technologies after a while the vision that we accomplish discbalance the answers to questions we crush for centuries. Medicine, one of the most considerable investigation that undeviatingly concerns each of us, accomplish be unordered the most past of the strong fields. We accomplish get the best equipment in a estimate to beseeming our reinstatement, medical technology accomplish be very past , as organ transplants between persons accomplish not gonna fall, so accomplish be replaced out-of-sorts organs after a while spontaneous organs which receive the establish of cosmical. All these romances accomplish administer to a decline of lethargy. Due to the increasing enumerate of persons on Earth we accomplish possess some of us to liberty this planet and originate to dwell-in contrariant planets common to Earth. The ascertainy of planets enjoy our Earth accomplish unconcealed the horizons to worlds obscure to us, accomplish aid us disseminate the course and to effect ourselves apprehendn in the cosmos-people. We ad for the coming seems to be precisely what we want, but until we get there we peaceful possess 40 years of forced production, during which era we vision that all romances production entirely. Our disconnection is to unravel technologies that we introduce can zoom in or out of answers that we do not possess but one influence and dreams of 2050.