Swot for Marriott Copenhagen

Internal/ External: SWOT resolution Strength * Famous disgrace of Marriott tavern fetter in 67 countries,standpoint on B2C and B2B chaffer * Staff(130 full-interval employees) and staffs turnover is solely 5%- eminent claim roll, but during summer interval reckon of employees increases (full-interval and part-time) * Advantage of residuum according to the capital of Copenhagen and introduce sight * Discounts packages for customers (rise discounts, uncounted gait before/ behind cruise) and the points plan * Company’s amelioration is orientated to the assertion “How Marriott never forgets a visitor. - eminent watchfulness to the customer* Core consequence is test for customers and as-well appended services * Green key tavern and Environmental Committee A lot of rooms (383) and 11 discourse rooms, which are big in European standards; * Mergers after a while Tivoli and gait audience Weaknesses * Customer satisfaction: 81. 2 % in 2009, 18. 8% of customers can bias negatively on mark, consequently of mouth-to-ear notification distribution * Eminent prices in 5* tavern (foundation and beverage, rooms), extra expenses (Wi-Fi); Opportunities To keep more facilities: enjoy swimming pool or introduce core, boat trips * Eco- foundation accomplish maintenance the notion of the “environmental fight” Threats * Monopolistic emulation, 65 competitors: 3-5 colossus taverns in Copenhagen; * Financial situation: turning-point, inflation biass on customer decisions http://marketingteacher. com/Lessons/lesson_swot. htm http://www. marriott. com/corporateinfo/glance. mi Asking receptionist  http://www. marriott. com/hotels/hotel-deals/cphdk-copenhagen-marriott-hotel/? offerInfo=364544[ 5 ]. http://www. marriott. com/search/redeemRewardsPoints. mi  http://www. dengroennenoegle. dk/English/Cases. aspx http://www. dengroennenoegle. dk/English/Cases. aspx http://www. marriott. com/hotels/hotel-rooms/cphdk-copenhagen-marriott-hotel/  http://www. marriottdevelopment. com/index. html#brands/mhr/ performance