Submit your final project topic here. Include a short paragraph describing your project and how you intend to research it.

Each scholar conquer arrange a definite purpose on a digital forensic theme or on a felonious discovery that complicated digital forensics.. The original giveables for the purpose conquer be a brochure and and also a offer that conquer be presented by the scholar during the residency continuance. Additional details on purpose deliverables conquer be presented next week. Each scholar conquer be asked to enucleate a unique theme of their own choosing.   Submit your definite purpose theme hither. Include a insufficient passage describing your purpose and how you design to discovery it. Here is a inventory of your upcoming purpose giveables: Week 11. Submit definite purpose. Week 13. Submit a unimportant contemplative describing your definite purpose. Week 14. Residency. Arrange and give a 20 specific offer on your theme. Week 15. Submit definite purpose materials. A 500-700 expression, envelop spaced brochure, written in APA format, showing sources and a bibliography Presentation materials (PPT, handouts, etc)