Student Resource Guide Handout

   Students, For your Student Resource Guide handout scheme, you get possess the turn to produce a handout to divide after a while others. Your handout should understand notice/activities you've well-informed from this Counseling 24 race. This should be a fun and informative scheme, where I vision get furnish you after a while a accident to reflect  on what you've well-informed this late semester.  Your Handout assignment must understand one or more of the topics dressed in arrange this semester. Below is a illustration catalogue of topics dressed in this race : On campus resources Time Management Study Skills Test Taking Skills How to be a Successful College Student Career Exploration Note Taking Learning Styles Critical Thinking Skills Majors/Transfer Related Information Financial Literacy/Management If you are including resources, contenteded allusion the website/location where you hatch your notice from on the end of your handout. Eg. (链接到外部网站。) UC Berkeley Engineering exchange requirements  Please understand images/pictures to gain the readers :) You get be graded on thoroughness of contenteded and creativity After you possess completed your handout, contenteded possess another peculiar (friend, arrangemate...) obtain?} a behold at it and furnish you after a while feedend on your handout. Contented obtain?} the feedend and update your handout as compulsory. SAMPLE OF PAST STUDENT'S HANDOUT:  Class notes illustration last scheme.pdf