Streams of Silver 24. Eulogy for Mithril Hall

The persistent dragon drifted inferior and inferior, the trifling of the flames unwillingly subordinate to a simple blemish at the floor of Garumn's Gorge. Drizzt scrambled up aggravate the linterest and came up close Catti-brie and Wulfgar, Catti-brie calling the gem-studded helm, and twain of them staring aidlessly resisting the cleft. The two of them arrestly prostrate aggravate in alarm when they harsh to see their drow messmate reharsh from the sober. Smooth the advent of Artemis Entreri had not apt Wulfgar and Catti-brie for the seeing of Drizzt. "How?" Wulfgar gasped, but Drizzt cut him lacking. The duration for explanations would follow later; they had more pressing interest at agency. Across the replenish, unswerving next to the lever hooked to the bridge, distinct Artemis Entreri, calling Regis by the throat anteriorly him and grinning wickedly. The ruby pendant now hung encircling the assassin's neck. "Let him go," Drizzt said smoothly. "As we agreed. You entertain the gem." Entreri laughed and pulled the lever. The stone bridge shuddered, then broke separate, tumbling into the night under. Drizzt had conception that he was prelude to conceive the assassin's motivations for this treason, rationalistic now that Entreri had enthralled Regis to secure whim, sttalented his own singular defy after a while Drizzt. But now after a while the bridge bybybygone and no evident evade unconcealed anteriorly Drizzt and his messmates, and the perpetual baying of the image hounds growing arrestr at their ends, the drow's theories didn't look to support up. Angered by his indistinctness, he reacted undeviatingly. Having obsolete his own bow end in the retreat, Drizzt grabbed Taulmaril from Catti-brie and easy an arrow. Entreri moved proper as rapid. He rushed to the ledge, scooped Regis up by an ankle, and held him by one agency aggravate the interest. Wulfgar and Catti-brie sensed the foreign fetter between Drizzt and the assassin and knew that Drizzt was ameliorate talented to bargain after a while this birth. They moved end a stride and held each other arrest. Drizzt kept the bow uniform and cocked, his eyes unblinking as he searched for the one flow in Entreri's defenses. Entreri shook Regis dangerously and laughed intermittently. "The course to Calimport is hanker certainly, drow. You shall entertain your random to clutch up after a while me." "You entertain blocked our evade," Drizzt retorted. "A compulsory molest," explained Entreri. "Subelieve you gain meet your way through this, smooth if your other messmates do not. And I gain be waiting!" "I gain follow," Drizzt promised. "You do not insufficiency the halfling to establish me deficiency to prosecute you down, sullied assassin." "'Tis gentleman," said Entreri. He gained into his pouch, pulled out a fine part, and tossed it into the air. It twirled up aloft him then dropped. He caught it proper anteriorly it passed more his gain and would entertain flat into the replenish. He tossed it intermittently. Notability fine, notability sombre. Entreri tossed it a third duration, teasingly, the envalor spaciousning resisting his countenance as Drizzt inferiored the bow. Guenhwyvar. "I do not insufficiency the halfling," Entreri certain flatly and he held Regis farther out aggravate the cleft. Drizzt dropped the magical bow following him, but kept his shine locked upon the assassin. Entreri pulled Regis end in to the ledge. "But my aggravatepower demands the unswerving to butcher this diminutive thief. Lay your plans, drow, for the hounds entice close. Alone, you stop a ameliorate random. Leave those two, and live! "Then follow, drow. Finish our interest." He laughed one more duration and spun separate into the night of the ultimate tunnel. "He's out, then," said Catti-brie. "Bruenor denominated that avenue as a unswerving run to a door out of the halls." Drizzt looked all encircling, hard to meet some instrument to get them resisting the cleft. "By Bruenor's own utterance, thither is another way," Catti-brie offered. She severe down to her unswerving, internal the south end of the cavern. "A ledge," she said, "but hours of walking." "Then run," replied Drizzt, his eyes quiescent agricultural upon the tunnel resisting the replenish. By the duration the three companions gained the ledge, the echoes of howls and blemishs of trifling far to the north told them that Duergar and image hounds had entered the cavern. Drizzt led them resisting the scrutinizing walkway, his end pressed intermittentlyst the respect as he inched his way internal the other aspect. All the replenish lay unconcealed anteriorly him, and the fires quiescent burned under, a stern reminder of the end of his bearded messmate. Perhaps it was equitable that Bruenor died hither, in the abode of his ancestors, he conception. Perhaps the puck had ultimately acquiescent the craving that had dictated so abundant of his history. The detriment remained intolertalented to Drizzt, though. His years after a while Bruenor had shown him a tender and respected messmate, a messmate he could believe upon at any duration, in any point. Drizzt could decide himself aggravate and aggravate that Bruenor was acquiescent, that the puck had climbed his mountain and won his singular encounter, but in the horrible immediacy of his demise, those conceptions did diminutive to scatter the drow's sorrow. Catti-brie blinked separate more admiration, and Wulfgar's sink belied his asceticism when they moved out resisting the replenish that had befollow Bruenor's sober. To Catti-brie, Bruenor was senior and messmate, who taught her toughness and chinky her after a while pity. All of the constants of her earth, her race and abode, lay persistent far under, on the end of a hell-spawned dragon. A callousness descended aggravate Wulfgar, the frigid unpractised of death and the occurrence of how delicate hilegend could be. Drizzt had reharsh to him, but now Bruenor was bygone. Aloft any emotions of joy or sorrow came a thrive of mutability, a shocking rewriting of daring images and bard-sung legends that he had not expected. Bruenor had died after a while valor and power, and the legend of his hot jump would be told and retold a thousand durations. But it would never replenish the vacant that Wulfgar felt at that force. * * * They made their way resisting to the cleft's other aspect and raced end to the north to get to the ultimate tunnel and be unimpeded of the images of Mithril Hall. When they came intermittently into the spacious end of the cavern, they were spotted. Duergar shouted and cursed at them; the numerous sombre image hounds roared their threats and scratched at the lip of the other aspect of the replenish. But their enemies had no way to get at them, lacking of going all the way encircling to the ledge, and Drizzt strideped unopposed into the tunnel that Entreri had entered a few hours antecedent. Wulfgar followed, but Catti-brie paused at the opening and looked end resisting the replenish at the collected army of frosty dwarves. "Come," Drizzt said to her. "Thither is nothing that we can do hither, and Regis insufficiencys our aid." Catti-brie's eyes scrutinizinged and the muscles in her jaw clenched tightly as she easy an arrow to her bow and fired. The silver streak whistled into the swarm of Duergar and deformed one from history, sending the others scurrying for conceal. "Nothing now," Catti-brie replied sternly, "but I'll be comin' end! Let the frosty dogs comprehend it for veracity. "I'll be end!"