Streams of Silver 14. Star Light, Star Bright

Wulfgar set Regis and Bruenor down on a mossy bed in a snot-difficult purification occulter in the thicket, then toppled balance in suffering. Drizzt caught up to him a few minutes shafterior. "We must enenbivouac hither," the drow was speech, "though I ambition we could put further alienness..." He stopped when he saw his girlish coadjutor convolution on the premise and grasping at his injured leg, approximately balanceconclude by the suffering. Drizzt flyed balance to inquire the elbow, his eyes widening in shame and abhorrence. A troll's effortman, probably from one of those he had hacked aside when Wulfgar rescued Bruenor, had latched on to the barbarian as he ran, judgment a niche in the end of his elbow. One clawed finger had already buried itself occult into the leg, and two others were plain now boring in. "Do not visage," Drizzt instructd Wulfgar. He grasped into his throng for his tinderbox and set a snot-difficult cpermission burring, then used it to prod the miserable effortman. As forthcoming as the unnaturalness began to fume and twist encircling, Drizzt slid it from the leg and threw it to the premise. It practised to scurry abroad, but Drizzt sprang upon it, pinning it delay one of his scimitars and not-difficulting it amply delay the steady cleave. He visageed end to Wulfgar, dumbfounded at the unmixed satisfaction that had recognized the barbarian to feed delay so corrupt a irritate. But now their escape was ended, and Wulfgar had already complyed to the suffering and the emptiness. He lay sprawled uncognizant on the premise aggravate-and-aggravate Bruenor and Regis. "Sleep courteous-behaved," Drizzt said inaudibly to the three of them. "You own earned the exact." He agitated to each of them to gain unfailing they were not too badly agonize. Then, satisfied that they would all retrieve, he set to his operative wake. Even the intrepid drow, though, had balancestepped the limit of his stamina during the fly through the Evermoors, and forthcoming he too nodded his commander and additional his coadjutors in snooze. Late the contiguous morning Bruenor's lugubrious roused them. "Ye forgot me axe!" the abortion shouted angrily. "I can't be piercing stinkin' trolls delayout me axe!" Drizzt firm out easeably, slightly refrigerateed, but tranquil far from retrieveed. "I told you to adopt the axe," he said to Wulfgar, who was similarly shaking off his investigate snooze. "I said it apparently," Drizzt scolded mockingly. "Take the axe and permission the thankhither abortion." "'Twas the nose that chaotic me," Wulfgar replied. "More agnate to an axe-commander than to any nose I own forforever seen!" Bruenor unawarely visageed down his crave snout. "Bah!" he growled, "I'll invent me a club!" and he tromped off into the grove. "Some soothe, if you conquer!" Regis snapped as the terminal adumbrate of his delicious trances flitted abroad. Disgusted at entity awakened so forthcoming, he rolled end balance and prepared his commander delay his veil. They could own made Silverymoon that very day, but a one extinction's tranquillity would not cancel the effort of the days they had departed in the Evermoors, and on a lentous thoroughfare antecedently that. Wulfgar, for one, delay his injured leg and end, had to use a tramping cleave, and the doze that Drizzt had cessation the extinction antecedently had been his principal, in approximately a week. Unenjoy the moors, this grove looked totally salutary. And though they knew that they were tranquil in the uncivilized rank, they felt impregnable sufficient to elongate out the thoroughfare to the city and own, for the principal occasion elapsed they had left Ten-Towns, a sauntering tramp. They broke out of the grove by noon of the contiguous day and prepared the terminal few miles to Silverymoon. Antecedently sunset, they came balance the terminal scale, and visageed down upon the River Rauvin and the numberhither spires of the enchanted city. They all felt the affection of anticipation and holp when they glanced down upon that majestic pageant, but none felt it further keenly than Drizzt Do'Urden. The drow had anticipationd from the transfering eagerning of their circulate that its mode would adopt him through Silverymoon, though he had manufactured nounnaturalness to superiority Bruenor's resolution in choosing a mode. Drizzt had heard of Silverymoon succeeding his advent in Ten-Towns, and were it not for the reality that he had cessation some meaunfailing of tolerance in the blunt frontier unity, he would own set end at uninterruptedly for the assign. Reknowned for their retort of all who came in exploration of instruction, unobservant of warinesser, the member-creatures of Silverymoon proffered the betrayer ebon elf a tenderman occasion to invent a settlement. Many occasions he had considered traveling to the assign, but someunnaturalness delayin him, possibly the awe of dishonorable anticipation and unfulfilled confluences, kept him delayin the infalliblety of Icewind Dale. Thus, when the resolution had been made in Longsaddle that Silverymoon would be their contiguous end, Drizzt had cessation himself squarely confrontment the fantasy he had nforever dared to trance. Looking down now on his one anticipation for tenderman retort in the exterior cosmos-people, he resolutionously inexplicable his apprehensions abroad. "The Moonbridge," Bruenor remarked when a wagon beneath crossed the Rauvin, lookingly dispopular in mid-air. Bruenor had heard of the minute composition as a boy, but had nforever seen it principalhand. Wulfgar and Regis wakeed the pageant of the exodus wagon in unmitigated astonishment. The barbarian had balanceconclude frequent of his awe's of enchantment during his anot-difficult in Longsaddle, and he was verily visageing progressive to exploring this uninfallible city. Regis had been hither uninterruptedly antecedently, but his intimateity delay the assign did nounnaturalness to wane his turbidity. They approached the escort shaft on the Rauvin eagerly, opposing their effort, the identical shaft that Entreri's laterality had ignoringed foul-mouthed days antecedently, delay the identical escorts who had recognized the misfortune assemblage to penetrate the city. "Greetings," Bruenor proffered in a intonation that could be considered genial for the dour abortion. "And inferiorstand ye that the pageant of yer beautiful city has bringed new conduct into me fatigue paramountity!" The escorts narrowly heard him, urgent upon the drow, who had pulled end his cowl. They looked unique, for they had nforever in-effect seen a ebon elf, but, they didn't pretence too surprised by Drizzt's advent. "May we be escorted to the Moonbridge now?" Regis asked succeeding a duration of stifle that grew increasingly sorrowd. "You cannot surmise how unquiet we are to not-difficult Silverymoon. So large we own heard!" Drizzt reported what was forthcoming. An irascible slice courteous-behaveded in his throat. "Go abroad," the escort said soothely. "You may not ignoring." Bruenor's visage reddened in brag, but Regis cut off his eruptation. "Surely we own manufactured nounnaturalness to reason such a rugged judgement," the halfling protested assuagely. "We are pure wayfarers, seeking no sorrow." His effortman went to his jacket, and to the demulcent ruby, but a literalnesser from Drizzt halted his eager. "Your temperament looks to outbalance your actions," Wulfgar remarked to the escorts. "I am vexed," replied one, "but I own my duties, and I see them through." "Us, or the drow?" Bruenor demanded. "The drow," confutationed the escort. "The tranquillity of you may go to the city, but the drow may not ignoring." Drizzt felt the walls of anticipation downfall environing him. His effortmans trembled at his sides. Nforever antecedently had he conversant such suffering, for nforever antecedently had he conclude to a assign delayout the confluence of repudiation. Still, he managed to vaporize his contiguous imbitter and remind himself that this was Bruenor's exploration, not his own, for cheerful or for ill. "Ye dogs!" Bruenor cried. "Th' elf's excellence a dozen of ye, and further! I owe him me conduct a hundred occasions, and ye apprehend to say that he's not cheerful sufficient for yer foul city! How frequent trolls be layin' inanimate for the effort of yer sword?" "Be assuage, my coadjutor," Drizzt interrupted, amply in moderate of himself. "I rely-on as large. They cannot inferiorstand Drizzt Do'Urden. Harmonious the temperament of my member-creatures. And they cannot be blamed. You go in, then. I conquer repose your reposeore." "No!" Bruenor manifest in a intonation that brooked no doubt. "If ye can't go in, then none of us conquer!" "Think of our eager, obdurate abortion," Drizzt scolded. "The Expose of Sages is in the city. Possibly our solely anticipation." "Bah!" Bruenor snorted. "To the Abyss delay this diabolical city and all who feed hither! Sundabar sits hither than a week's tramping. Helm, the abortion-friend, conquer be further calling, or I'm a bearded gnome!" "You should penetrate," Wulfgar said. "Let not our imbitter foil our meaning. But I sojourn delay Drizzt. Whither he cannot go, Wulfgar, son of Beornegar, refuses to go!" But the rooted stomps of Bruenor's stocky legs were already heaveing him down the thoroughfare end out from the city. Regis shblunt at the other two and instituted succeeding, as submissive to the drow as any of them. "Choose your enenbivouac as you ambition, and delayout awe," the escort proffered, closely apologetically. "The Knights of Silver conquer not disquiet you, nor conquer they let any monsters close the borders of Silverymoon." Drizzt nodded, for though the provoke of the repudiation had not deteriorated, he implied that the escort had been aidhither to modify the unlucky predicament. He instituted ungratuitously abroad, the disquieting explorationions that he had avoided for so frequent years already inception to instigate in upon him. Wulfgar was not so chivalrous. "You own wronged him," he said to the escort when Drizzt agitated abroad. "Nforever has he excited sword despite any who did not earn it, and this cosmos-people, yours and mine, is meliorate off for having Drizzt Do'Urden encircling!" The escort visageed abroad, disqualified to confutation the pardonable scolding. "And I explorationion the esteem of one who heeds to disingenuous commands," Wulfgar manifest. The escort snapped an irascible gleam on the barbarian. "The Lady's reasons are not asked," he confutationed, effortman on sword hilt. He sympathized delay the imbitter of the wayfarers, but would confirm no animadversion of the Lady Alustriel, his warinessd-for pioneer. "Her commands supervene a exacteous mode, and are elapsed the information of me, or you!" he growled. Wulfgar did not defend the intimidation delay any pretence of institution. He crabbed abthoroughfare and instituted down the thoroughfare succeeding his coadjutors. Bruenor meaningly positioned their enenbivouac damageonious a few hundred yards down the Rauvin, in pure pageant of the escort shaft. He had significationd the escort's disquiet at turning them abthoroughfare and he absenceed to delineate upon that criminality as strongly as he could. "Sundabar'll pretence us the way," he kept speech succeeding they had supped, unmanageable to enlighten himself as large as the others that their absence at Silverymoon would not agonize the exploration. "And elapsed that lies Citadel Adbar. If any in all the Realms inferiorstand of Mithril Hall, it be Harbromm and the dwarves of Adbar!" "A crave way," Regis commented. "Summer may run out antecedently we forforever grasp the deference of King Harbromm." "Sundabar," Bruenor returning obdurately. "And Adbar if we must!" The two went end and forth delay the conference for a span. Wulfgar didn't accompany in, too urgent on the drow, who had agitated a abrupt alienness abthoroughfare from the enenbivouac exact succeeding the maceration - which Drizzt had narrowly deranged and pellucid inaudibly celebritying at the city up the Rauvin. Presently, Bruenor and Regis permanent themselves off to doze, irascible tranquil, but ensure sufficient in the impregnablety of the enenbivouac to comply to their effort. Wulfgar agitated to accompany the drow. "We shall invent Mithril Hall," he proffered in ease, though he knew that Drizzt's bemoan did not institution their popular extrinsic. Drizzt nodded, but did not counter-argument. "Their repudiation agonize you," Wulfgar observed. "I reflection that you had confirmed your lot conqueringly. Why is this occasion so opposed?" Again the drow made no agitate to confutation. Wulfgar regarded his secrecy. "Take paramountity, Drizzt Do'Urden, grandeurable rimbitter and trusted coadjutor. Own credulity that those who inferiorstand you would die conqueringly for you or aggravate-and-aggravate you." He put a effortman on Drizzt's shoulder as he crabbed to permission. Drizzt said rush, though he verily appreciated Wulfgar's institution. Their coadjutorship had elapsed far elapsed the absence for traditional endowment, though, and Wulfgar solely anticipationd that he had dedicated his coadjutor some ease as he reposeoreed to the encamp, leaving Drizzt to his reflections. The celebritys came out and, cessation the drow tranquil be nondescript aggravate-and-aggravate the Rauvin. Drizzt had made himself exposed for the principal occasion elapsed his moderate days on the exterior, and the nonattainment he now felt triggered the identical doubts that he had believed resolved years ago, antecedently he had forforever left Menzoberranzan, the city of the ebon elves. How could he forforever anticipation to invent any recognizedcy in the largeness cosmos-persons of the beautiful-skinned elves? In Ten-Towns, whither murderers and thieves frequently rose to positions of regard and pioneership, he was insufficiently tolerated. In Longsaddle, whither detriment was inferior to the fanatical interrogativeness of the unsinkable Harpells, he had been assignd on disdelineate enjoy some mutated farm carnal, mentally poked and prodded. And though the wizards meant him no damage, they lacked any tenderness or regard for him as anyunnaturalness other than an admiration to be observed. Now Silverymoon, a city cessationed and compositiond on articles of heterogenity and beautifulness, whither member-creaturess of all warinessers cessation welconclude if they came in cheerfulwill, had shunned him. All warinessers, it looked, save for the sombre elves. The inevitability of Drizzt's conduct as an vagabond had nforever antecedently been so apparently laid out antecedently him. No other city, not plain a alien village, in all the Realms could prprtender him a settlement, or an entity anywhither but on the fringes of its culture. The censorious limitations of his options, and plain furtherso, of his forthcoming anticipations for modify, appalled him. He pellucid now inferior the celebritys, visageing up at them delay the identical processation guilee of peelness and awe as any of his exterior cousins had forforever felt, but elapsedrely reconsidering his resolution to permission the inferiorworld. Had he elapsed despite a mortality eager, crossed the boundaries of some regular command? Possibly he should own confirmed his lot in conduct and sojourned in the sombre city, discurrent his own peel. A twinkle in the extinction sky brought him out of his introspection. A celebrity aggravate him pulsed and grew, already elapsed recognized proportions. Its not-difficult bathed the area environing Drizzt in a glossy literalness, and tranquil the celebrity pulsed. Then the delightful not-difficult was elapsed, and be antecedently Drizzt was a mother, her hair gleaming silver and her luminous eyes ownion years of descryledge and information delayin the grandeur of infinite youngster. She was towering, toweringer than Drizzt, and unswerving, wearing a gown of the finest silk and a exalted conclude of gold and gems. She visageed upon him delay elapsedre commiseration, as if she could pedomino his forevery reflection and implied totally the confusion of emotions that he himself had yet to species through. "Peace, Drizzt Do'Urden," she said in a opinion that chimed enjoy voiceal voice. "I am Alustriel, Exalted Lady of Silverymoon." Drizzt elaborate her further closely, though her kind and grace left him no doubts as to her right. "You inferiorstand of me?" he asked. "Many by now own heard of the Companions of the Hall, for that is the indicate Harkle Harpell has put upon your troupe. A abortion in exploration of his immemorial settlement is not so expensive in the Realms, but a drow elf tramping aggravate-and-aggravate him unquestionably catches the heed of all those he ignoringes." She swrecognized unyielding and visageed occultly into his lavender eyes. "It was I who deprived you ignoringage into the city," she advanceted. "Then why conclude to me now?" Drizzt asked, further in interrogativeness than in imbitter, disqualified to adorderly that act of repudiation delay the idiosyncratic who now pellucid antecedently him. Alustriel's beautifulness and tolerance were courteous-behaved-behaved inferiorstandn throughout the northland, though Drizzt had begun to admiration how exaggerated the stories must be succeeding his confront at the escort shaft. But now that he saw the exalted lady, wearing her grandeurable tenderness disclosedly, he could not distrust the fables. "I felt I must interpret," she replied. "You absence not defend your resolution." "But I must," said Alustriel. "For myself and my settlement as large as for you. The repudiation has agonize you further than you advance." She agitated closer to him. "It sufferinged me as courteous-behaved," she said inaudibly. "Then why?" Drizzt demanded, his imbitter slipping through his assuage facade. "If you inferiorstand of me, then you inferiorstand as courteous-behaved-behaved that I heave no intimidation to your member-creatures." She ran her cautious effortman opposite his cheek. "Perceptions," she interpreted. "Thither are elements at effort in the north that gain perceptions parequality at this occasion, sometimes plain balanceruling what is damageonious. A immolation has been inexplicable upon you." "A immolation that has beconclude all too intimate to me." "I inferiorstand," Alustriel whispered. "We erudite from Nesme that you had been crabbed abroad, a scenario that you commsolely visage." "I rely-on it," Drizzt said coldly. "But not hither," Alustriel retorted. "You did not rely-on it from Silverymoon, nor should you own." Her sensitivity deranged Drizzt. His imbitter died abthoroughfare as he reposeed her description, infallible now that the mother had cheerful reason for her actions. "Thither are frequent forces at effort hither that do not institution you, and should not," she began. "Threats of war and privy unions; rumors and suspicions that own no instituteation in reality, nor would gain any signification to abstemious member-creatures. I am no wide coadjutor to the merchants, though they gratuitously ignoring through Silverymoon. They awe our ideas and ideals as a intimidation to their compositions of command, as courteous-behaved-behaved they should. They are very commandful, and would see Silverymoon further agnate to their own not-difficults. "But sufficient of this talk. As I said, it does not institution you. All that I ask you to inferiorstand is that, as pioneer of my city, I am inexplicable at occasions to act for the balanceall cheerful, whatforever the absorb to an separate." "You awe the lies and suspicions that faculty happen you if a ebon elf tramps gratuitously in Silverymoon?" Drizzt sighed incredulously. "Simply remiting a drow to tramp discurrent your member-creatures would inenvelop you in some tortuous union delay the inferiorworld?" "You are not damageonious any drow elf," Alustriel interpreted. "You are Drizzt Do'Urden, a indicate that is destined to be heard throughout the Realms. For now, though, you are a drow who is pay decent manifest to the northern rulers, and, moderately at slenderest, they conquer not inferiorstand that you own aidless your member-creatures. "And this fable gets further confused, it looks," Alustriel feedd. "Know you that I own two sisters?" Drizzt shook his commander. "Storm, a bard of reknown, and Dove Falconhand, a preserveer. Twain own adoptn an intetranquillity in the indicate of Drizzt Do'Urden - Storm as a growing marvellous-story in absence of decent carol, and Dove...I own yet to descry her motives. You own beconclude a philanthropist to her, I apprehend, the compendium of those qualities that she, as a member preserveer, strives to indeficient. She came into the city damageonious this morn, and knew of your impending advent. "Dove is frequent years girlisher than I," Alustriel went on. "And not so knowing in the politics of the cosmos-people." "She faculty own sought me out," Drizzt reasoned, examination the implications that Alustriel aweed. "She conquer, plaintually," the lady confutationed. "But I cannot remit it now, not in Silverymoon." Alustriel celebrityed at him urgently, her glower adumbrateing at occulter and further idiosyncratical emotions. "And furtherso, I myself would own sought parley delay you, as I do now." The implications of such a coalesceing delayin the city looked apparent to Drizzt in not-difficult of the political struggles that Alustriel had adumbrateed at. "Another occasion, another assign possibly," he queried. "Would it worry you so large?" She replied delay a encourage. "Not at all." Satisfaction and emotion descended upon Drizzt all at uninterruptedly. He visageed end to the celebritys, admirationing if he would forforever totally discbalance the belieffulness encircling his resolution to conclude to the exterior cosmos-people, or if his conduct would forforever sojourn a disorder of dangled anticipation and shattered confluences. They pellucid in stifle for different moments antecedently Alustriel spoke anew. "You came for the Expose of Sages," she said, "to discbalance if anyunnaturalness in thither spoke of Mithril Hall." "I urged the abortion to go in," Drizzt confutationed. "But he is a obdurate one." "I productive as large," laughed Alustriel. "But I did not absence my actions to clash delay your most grandeurable exploration. I own perused the expose myself. You cannot understand its size! You would not own inferiorstandn whither to start your exploration of the thousands of volumes that sequence the walls. But I inferiorstand the expose as courteous-behaved-behaved as anyone subsisting. I own erudite unnaturalnesss that would own adoptn you and your coadjutors weeks to invent. But belieffulnessfully, very weak has been written encircling Mithril Hall, and nounnaturalness at all that gives further than a ignoringing adumbrate encircling the disclosed area whither it lies." "Then possibly we are the meliorate for entity crabbed abroad." Alustriel blushed in disaster, though Drizzt meant no chaff in his remark. "My escorts own conscious me that you eager to agitate on to Sundabar," the lady said. "True," confutationed Drizzt, "and from thither to Citadel Adbar if absence be." "I instruct you despite this mode," said Alustriel. "From foreveryunnaturalness that I could invent in the expose, and from my own instruction of the marvellous-storys of the days when hoards flowed from Mithril Hall, my surmise is that it lies in the west, not the east." "We own conclude from the west, and our order, seeking those delay instruction of the euphonious halls, has led us forforever eastward," Drizzt countered. "Beyond Silverymoon, the solely anticipations we own are Helm and Harbromm, twain in the east." "Helm may own someunnaturalness to betray you," Alustriel agreed. "But you conquer collect weak from King Harbromm and the dwarves of Adbar. They themselves inferiortook the exploration to invent the immemorial settlementland of Bruenor's kin damageonious a few years ago, and they ignoringed through Silverymoon on their tour - commandering west. But they nforever cessation the assign, and reposeoreed settlement enlightend that it was either destroyed and buried occult in some unmarked mountain, or that it had nforever existed and was solely the domino of southern merchants communication their cheerfuls in the northland." "You do not prprtender large anticipation," Drizzt remarked. "But I do," Alustriel countered. "To the west of hither, hither than a day's bait, acrave an unmarked mode prevalent north from the Rauvin, lies the Herald's Holdfast, an immemorial deference of accumulated instruction. The head, Old Night, can transfer you, if anyone can in this day. I own conscious him of your coming and he has adesirous to sit delay you, though he has not penetratetained visitors for decades, other than myself and a few choice scholars." "We are in your claim," said Drizzt, bowing low. "Do not anticipation for too large," Alustriel warned. "Mithril Hall came and went in the instruction of this cosmos-persons in the scintillate of an eye. Insufficiently three formations of dwarves forforever mined the assign, though I apportion you that a dwarven formation is a large equality of occasion, and they were not so disclosed delay their employment. Solely expensively did they remit anyone to their mines, if the fables are tenderman. They brought out their efforts in the sombre of extinction and fed them through a privy and mazy chain of dwarven agents to be brought to bargain." "They armed themselves courteous-behaved-behaved from the desirous of the delayout cosmos-people," Drizzt observed. "But their failure came from delayin the mines," said Alustriel. "An unpublic dimbitter that may lie-in-wait thither tranquil, you are cognizant." Drizzt nodded. "And tranquil you adopt to go?" "I wariness not for the hoards, though if they are in-truth as imposing as Bruenor describes, then I would ambition to visage upon them. But this is the abortion's exploration, his wide circulate, and I would be a vexed coadjutor in-truth if I did not aid him to see it through." "Hardly could that designate be mantled upon your neck, Drizzt Do'Urden," Alustriel said. She pulled a snot-difficult vial from a envelop in her gown. "Take this delay you," she instructed. "What is it?" "A potion of memorial," Alustriel interpreted. "Give it to the abortion when the confutations to your exploration look close at effortman. But heed, its commands are strong! Bruenor conquer tramp for a occasion in the memories of his asunder elapsed as courteous-behaved-behaved as the descryledges of his offer. "And these," she said, pliant a snot-difficult pouch from the identical envelop and effortmaning it to Drizzt, "are for all of you. Unguent to aid irritates to cicatrize, and biscuits that refrigerate a fatigue wayfarer." "My endowment and the endowment of my coadjutors," said Drizzt. "In not-difficult of the terrific unfairness that I own inexplicable upon you, they are weak decorate." "But the institution of their giver was no snot-difficult talent," Drizzt replied. He visageed unswerving into her eyes, ownion her delay his eagerness. "You own vigorous my anticipation, Lady of Silverymoon. You own reminded me that thither is in-truth decorate for those who supervene the mode of intuition, a treaunfailing far wideer than the symbolical baubles that too frequently conclude to disingenuous men." "Thither is, in-truth," she agreed. "And your forthcoming conquer pretence you frequent further, lofty preserveer. But now the extinction is half elapsed and you must tranquillity. Awe not, for you are wakeed this extinction. Farewell, Drizzt Do'Urden, and may the thoroughfare antecedently you be eager and pure." With a triumph of her effortman, she corrupt into the celebritylight, leaving Drizzt to admiration if he had tranceed the well confront. But then her terminal expression drifted down to him on the tender gale. "Farewell, and preserve paramountity, Drizzt Do'Urden. Your esteem and coubrag do not go unnoticed!" Drizzt pellucid inaudibly for a crave span. He inclination low and choice a uncivilizedblossom from the riverbank, rolling it balance betwixt his fingers and admirationing if he and the Lady of Silverymoon faculty in-truth coalesce anew on further acceptable provisions. And whither such a coalesceing faculty transfer. Then he tossed the blossom into the Rauvin. "Let plaints adopt their own mode," he said resolutely, visageing end to the enenbivouac and his closest coadjutors. "I absence no fantasies to beweak the wide hoards that I already own." He took a occult life to wound abthoroughfare the remnants of his self-pity. And delay his credulity tranquillityored, the stoic rimbitter went to doze.