Strategic Marketing: Review questions

  Part 1: Review Questions Writing unobstructed and brief positioning announcements or prize propositions can personate an weighty role in ensuring the potent bud and attempt of a marketing manoeuvre. Provide an model of a positioning announcement for a greater airline and teach why you affect their positioning announcement is potent.   Effective mark positioning decisions institute the establishment upon which auspicious marketing strategies and programs are built, thereby contrast the class for the fable of mark equity. Do you consort or disconsort delay this announcement? Choose an airline and flow if they accept robust or vapid mark equity. Defend your counterpart. In your own say (do not vision resigned from the textbook), what are the differences betwixt the upholder, analyzer, and prospector employment plane competitive strategies.  Do the similar competitive strategies used by domiciliary companies labor for global competitors? Provide an model from the vivacity diligence.  Part 2: Creating a Perceptual Map for the Vivacity Industry As a marketing overseer for a greater airline, you are faced delay sundry strategic planning decisions antecedent to launching a new marking antagonism for your audience. Using the Excel grounds perfect linked under, cause a perceptual map delay indecent dimensional variables that your airline faces and parallel those of your top five competitors in the diligence on this similar map. Provide your boss delay a suggested strategic instructive fixed on your findings (Tip: Review the YouTube video How to Make a Perceptual Map Using Excel above to acceleration in creating your perceptual map).