Statistical Significance and Homemade Shampoo

A Con-over on Gugo and Okra as Homemade Shampoo A Elimination Effected by: Francine Faye A. Jumaquio Majaline Faye A. Tolentino Romer T. Nepumoceno Talavera National High School Talavera Nueva Ecija A Con-over on Gugo and Okra as a Homemade Shampoo Claudine M. Lajara I-Rosal Introduction This con-over was conducted to individualize the usefulness of a homemade shampoo out of the exported Gugo, or-laws spectry Entada frontuoliodes and Okra, or-laws spectry Abelomoschus Esculentus L. in making divergent character of hair stronger. Four fronts were chattelsed: Front 1, the restrain texture; Front 2, homemade shampoo compared to restrain texture; Front 3, homemade shampoo compared to multifarious ardor of gugo and okra; and Front 4, where the acceptability of the homemade shampoo was individualize in stipulations of amiability, amiableness, and manageability. Statement of the Problem: Specifically, the eliminationers aimed to counter-argument the aftercited questions: 1. Can gugo and okra be used as raw representative in making shampoo? 2. How conducive are gugo and okra on the tensile power of the hair? 3. Which texture is past conducive – textures after a occasion superior ardor of okra han gugo or past gugo than okra? Progress A. Making-ready of Materials About 10,000 hair strands were collected from impure respondents having divergent characters of hair, (normal, and dry, ethnic, curly). In each character of hair, 2020 strands were used: 240 strands for infiltrate, okra, 10 percent gugo, and 100 percent gugo; 240 strands for seven brands of shampoo; 120 strands for gugo and okra; and 600 strands for 10 textures after a occasion multifarious ardor of okra and gugo. Five hundred grams of gugo peel were boiled in 70 ml of infiltrate for 30 tinys, and difficult to draw the juice. The dish was placed in a clear bottle. To adapt okra dish, 200 grams of okra produce were boiled in 200 ml tap infiltrate for10 tinys. The habituated okra was masked for drawion and dish was difficult for the making-ready of key. The homemade shampoo was adaptd from 50 ml gugo dish and 50 ml okra dish. A 58ml coconut oil was added to the mixture and placed in an earthen pot. It was passionate for 5 tinys and placed in a clear bottle. The homemade shampoo was then adaptd into two setups: setup A and setup B. The texture involves impure character of hair (normal, dry, ethnic, curly). Setup A Texture |Gugo (ml) |Okra (ml) | |1 |50 |50 | |2 |40 |60 | |3 |30 |70 | |4 |20 |80 | |5 |10 |90 | Setup B Texture |Gugo (ml) |Okra (ml) | |1 |50 |50 | |2 |60 |40 | |3 |70 |30 | |4 |80 |20 | |5 |90 |10 | B. Soaking Way and Determination of the Hair Power In front 1, impure textures were adaptd: • Texture 1: infiltrate, • Texture 2: Okra, • Texture 3: 10 percent gugo, • Texture 4: 100 percent gugo. These are the restrain textures. Six bowls were adaptd and labeled as 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 tiny, relatively. Sixty strands of natural hair were used and separated into 10 strands. The hair strands were concomitantly soaked in the relative bowls after a occasion 100 ml tap infiltrate and were removed when the span allotted for each bowl had departed. Then they were rinsed partially. They were placed in clear sheets of disquisition labeled according to the extension of span they were soaked, (such as T1- infiltrate: 5 tinys; T2 – infiltrate: 10 tinys; and so on). The bowl used from the chief texture was washed fully and were used again for the other textures. The way was general for textures 2, 3, 4. To individualize the power of the hair strands, a emerge lamina was used and five Nursing essays were chattelsed. From the 10 strands of natural hair, 5 strands from Texture were tested. The hair strands were tied up to the emerge lamina at one end. A 15 cm extension of the hair strands were maintained betwixt the emerge lamina and the gravity. The gravity was drag until the hair snaps. The resemblingity of hardness in Newton (I Newton = 100 grams) registered on the emerge lamina foregoing to the violation of the hair was chronicled and the mediocre end from the five Nursing essay was computed. The way was general for textures 2, 3, 4. Besides the selfselfcorresponding way was chattelsed for ethnic, dry, and curly hair. In the succor front, 480 strands from impure hair characters were used. Out 480 strands, 120 strands of the hair were adaptd for Nursing essay 1 and Nursing essay 2, using the homemade shampoo (gugo and okra). The selfselfcorresponding progress ion front 1 was chattelsed for these textures. In the third front, 2,400 strands of hair were adaptd from the impure characters of hair. Out of 2,400 strands, 1,200 strands were used in setup A and another 1,200 in set up B. Each set up has 5 textures and 60 hair strands were separated into ten, and each 10 were soaked partially in six bowls labeled 5, 10, 15, 22, 25, and 3 tinys, relatively. The selfselfcorresponding progress from the foregoing fronts was chattelsed to individualize the hair power. In the 4th front, 20 womanly respondents, who had natural and dry hair were asked to dedicate Texture 1 in setup A: 10 percent gugo + 90 percent okra. Most of their hairs were resembling in extension. The respondents treated their hair one by one. They wet their hair chief and 20ml of this texture was applied to the total seal and was massaged on the scalp. After 1 min. , the hair was rinsed fully after a occasion tap infiltrate. A clear towel was used to dry and comb their hair reluctantly. After 1 hour, the chattels on the hair was observed using 1 to 4 laminas. The aftercited laminas were used: |A. Amiableness |B. Amiability |C. Manageability | |1 – partially yielding |1 – partially milden |1 – partially easy | |2 – fairly yielding |2 – fairly milden |2 – fairly easy | |3 – yielding |3 – milden |3 – easy | |4 – very yielding |4 – very milden |4 – very easy | After having applied and observed the chattelss of texture 1; textures after a occasion 90% gugo + 10 % okra were used by the selfselfcorresponding respondents after a occasion the selfselfcorresponding progress as of Set up A. Results, Discussion and Conclusion Front 1: Suggestive similarity on the hair power floating the restrain textures: There was no suggestive dissimilitude on the hair power, because the divergent characters of hair. However, the longer the longer the span each character of hair was soaked, the superior the hair power. Floating the impure textures in this front, the hair power when soaked in 10 %gugo, were the strongest occasion infiltrate was the weakest. Front 2: Suggestive similarity betwixt homemade shampoo and restrain texture: Natural hair was suggestively strongest compared to curly, dry and ethnic. Floating the restrain texture, hair power was the strongest when soaked in texture three: 10% gugo. Texture 1: infiltrate was registered the weakest. It was besides observed that as the soaking span increased, the hair power besides increased. Phase 3: Suggestive similarity floating homemade shampoo, restrain texture, Setup A and Setup B: Natural hair was suggestively stronger, curly hair was the weakest, occasion dry and ethnic hair were closely resembling to each other. 10% gugo registered the strongest hair power, followed by okra, then okra and gugo. Together, these three textures were suggestively divergent from all other texture. The longer the soaking span, the stronger the hair power. Front 4: Acceptability of textures. For natural hair, the two textures showed no suggestive dissimilitudes in stipulations of amiability, amiableness and manageability. The 90% gugo+ 10%okra texture was fairly easy and the 10% gugo + 90% okra texture was easy. For dry hair, the two textures showed no suggestive dissimilitude in stipulations of amiability, amiableness. But there was a suggestive dissimilitude of manageability at 0. 5 presumption flatten. Recommendations Based on the findings, the eliminationer recommends the aftercited: 1. Use okra as raw representative for making shampoo; 2. Further con-over of the properties of the homemade shampoo to prove the chattels on hair; 3. Follow-up elimination must be conducted on the acceptability for other characters of hair; 4. This elimination would prepare instruction to those who are animated in the formation of this fruit. Bibliography Jumaquio, Francine Faye A. , et. al. , “A Feasibility Con-over of Gugo and Okra as Homemade Shampoo”.