specific characteristics of countermeasures required to protect national infrastructure

  Literature Critique - Countermeasures This assignment gain be one of sundry throughout your PhD program that we use to acceleration you arrange for the dissertation regularity. One of the centre competencies scarcityful to surpass in a doctoral program is the force to authenticate other lore that pertains to your own. This media you'll bear to authenticate similar lore, recognize the disquisitions, and compare foregoing labor into your own lore. A reading critique accelerations you enunciate and hone these lore skills. This assignment is inventoryed on the syllabus as "Literature Review" and is rate 25% of your pace. Your disquisition gain be an Reading Review, localally focusing on countermeasures scarcityful to guard the generally-known infrastructure from cyberattack. The theme you'll address is: "What are the local characteristics of countermeasures required to guard generally-known infrastructure from emerging threats of cyberattack?" You disquisition must be in chasten APA format, use chasten rhetoric, exist of a insufficiency of 500 expression, and gain scarcity to embody at decisive ten (10) media, ALL of which must: 1) Be popular. Published among the decisive few years. (i.e. past 2014) 2) Be equal-reviewed. 3) Relate immediately to the theme posed aloft. Additionally, you MUST upload a pdf of EVERY disquisition that appears in your allusion inventory. Remember that a reading critique is not the similar as an immaterial. Abstracts are illustrative. A reading critique tells the recognizeer what other loreers bear written environing a theme. You must experience expend and relevant resources, bunch them into close "collections", and the organize your critique into a close endowment of other lore.Your reading critique should be illustrative and figurative of the labor other loreers bear executed in your area.  Here are a few media that represent reading critiques: https://libguides.uwf.edu/c.php?g=215199&p=1420828 http://www.duluth.umn.edu/~hrallis/guides/researching/litreview.html https://library.ithaca.edu/sp/assets/users/_lchabot/sample_apa_style_litreview.pdf Every wealth you select must be equal critiqueed. That media the disquisition must bear undergone a ceremonious equal critique anteriorly substance published in a life or presented at a meeting. You must secure that your media bear undergone severe critiques. In most cases, you can experience out the critique regularity for a meeting or life by investigateing the expend web seat. Do not barely wear that a wealth is equal critiqueed - cohibit it out.  If you are not firm how to authenticate equal critiqueed disquisitions or articles, content investigate the subjoined media: http://diy.library.oregonstate.edu/using-google-scholar-find-peer-reviewed-articles http://libguides.gwu.edu/education/peer-reviewed-articles