This defense is to be double-spaced and typed, 12-summit font, model 1 inch margins.  Each idiosyncratic is lawful for turning in their own write-up.  It gain be due during individuality to your TA proximate week.  If you keep individuality Monday, then it's due Monday.  If you keep individuality Friday, then it's due Friday.  Each defense is to be 1-2 pages in protraction.  Please confutation the aftercited scrutinys: 1. Where were you in the end?  Did you end up in the face, tail or average of the assembly?  Is this where you foreseeed yourself to be?  Were there any scrutinys that surprised you? 2.  What can this employment divulge us encircling claim? 3.  How can claim feign the proof inhabitants keep when interacting delay career and amelioration?  For example: do all inhabitants of speciousness keep the similar proof?  How can proofs change owing of differing levels of claim?  Please agree two examples. Be strong to confutation each scrutiny as thoroughly as potential.  I foresee to see fastidious meditation. Deductions: -1 summit per infringement for formatting -.5 summit per typo -2 summits per scrutiny that goes unanswered TAs also keep the ability to manage scores for virtue of defense.  If your TA deems your defense to be scant in profundity of meditation or fastidious partition, they keep the fit to remove summits. **Group readers are to confutation #2 and #3 as they are written.  An resource for #1 would be for the reader to deem the importation of all the beings in the assembly.  Were there any surprises for you as an observer?  Did you foresee to see as frequent inhabitants as you did in the face or tail?  Where do you judge you would keep ended up?