Sociolgy Theory Discussion Forum post Due on Monday!!

You accept learn in your passage and conversant through the instructional esthetic that there are five Sociological theories we earn husband in this road.  This forum earn investigate the multitudinous theories.   Learn the indicate in its whole.  "Teenage Wasteland" by Donna Gaines (Links to an manifest plight.)  1.  Which of the 5 deep theories would you enjoy to use to use to this indicate?  Please perform stable to truly indicate the supposition. 2.  Mark-out the supposition.  You may use your own utterance, but if you use a judgment from the bulk or another commencement (such as the internet), you earn scarcity to yield an APA quotation (see (Links to an manifest plight.) 3.  Write a slight abridgment why you chose this supposition for this learning.  Points earn be earned by confutations that husband and mark-out Sociological provisions, mention instrument (when needful), irritate the contenteded from a Sociological purpose of light, are grammatically punish, and use becoming spelling. Customarily, such a confutation would insist-upon one-two paragraphs to close these tasks