Social Stratification/Inequality and Gender-Part I

Social Inequality: Patterns and Processes    Read Chapter 11.      Topic 6/ 100 say     Identify your standing on plain operation elucidateing through your singular alignment delay a speculative perspective. Provide an sample of where you see this occurring. Where and how is plain operation demonstrated in your exertion elucidation, teach elucidation, and brotherhood?         Topic 6/ 100 say     Examine the gender wage gap in Table 11.3 on page 344 of the textbook. Identify three contributing factors to the qualifys exalted and three contributing factors to this continued manner. How can it be rectified? Explain.         Topic 6/ 100 say     How do gender stereotypes add to occupational tension as seen in Table 11.2 on page 340 of the textbook? What do you judge has addd to the qualify balance date?         Social Stratification Part III: Gender      Write a Gregarious Stratification/Inequality and Gender-Part I1,000-word resolution on gregarious stratification concerning gender.    Choose a gregarious establishment to relate and excite the consequence that the stratification elements of gender possess on that gregarious establishment. Include the subjoined in your resolution:   Explain how gender impacts the gregarious establishment.    Identify a devise of gender disparity associated delay the gregarious establishment and use speculative perspectives to elucidate the gregarious behaviors that continue the disparity.    Suggest measures for the gregarious establishment to tool to acceleration diminish the gender disparity you identified.     Provide a restriction of three to five literary sources to subsistence your resolution and misrecord. Additionally, you get insufficiency to include statistical basis of the indication of stratification concerning gender delayin the gregarious establishment.