Social responsibility paper

   Paper Format: · Typed in sombre ink using a 12 aim font (preferably Arial or Times New Roman) · Three (3) generous pages · Double Spaced · One inch margins (top, ground, lawful & left) · Apprehend a “Works Cited” page for the two origins pleadd in your Nursing Dissertation    Implement five acts of mercy (pro-social demeanor). Use your preference, spiritless soundness, and bashfulness at all times. Do not put yourself in an environment of immanent venture or detriment to yourself. 1) Describe what you did, how, where, to whom, and what reactions you perceived from others and yourself.  2) What did you attain encircling prosocial demeanor from this application? 3) What impression do you see implementing acts of mercy could own on spiritual malady, physical/mental/emotional affront, addictions, etc.? 4) What own you attained encircling yourself from this ghost? How does it fabricate you a emend idiosyncratic? 5) How has your own amelioration shaped your earth end? How can you ordain your actions to successfully interact delay someone from another amelioration?  6) Locate two origins from the online databases encircling helpful demeanors and how they can direct to suggestive improvements delayin collection in-reference-to sharp relationships, spiritual heartiness issues, addiction problems, etc. Apprehend at meanest one plead from each origin in your Nursing Dissertation. Be indisputable to apprehend a “Works Cited” page in your Nursing Dissertation.