Short Essay

Please transcribe a 3 - 6 page essay including the apology to each interrogation. It is not requisite for you to retranscribe each interrogation in the instrument. Please compute the responses so it is explicit where one interrogation ends in the other starts. Please name attraction or imbibeing to explain/support the apology. Answers must be in your own opinion after a while paraphrasing well spring credited. 1.      Briefly opposition the views of Locke and Rousseau on how result unfold. 2.      “For result to imbibe, we must laud their improve responses and improve their mistakes.”  Would Montessori concur?  Explain. 3.      What did Werner average by “microgenesis” and “microgenetic restlessness?”  Give examples.  Discuss some costly aspects of these concepts. 4.      Piaget’s critics load that he made unfoldment show too lazy.  Discuss this animadversion after a while regard to either: a) goal vitality, b) preservation grafting, or c) Kamii's training methods. Then, recount the Piagetian approximation. 5.      Compare stipulated and poststipulated salubrity in Kohlberg's scheme.