Second Foundation 19. End of War

QUORISTON, BATTLE OF Fought on 9, 17, 377 F.E. among the forces of the Foundation and those of Lord Stettin of Kalgan, it was the decisive combat of outafter during the Interregnum... Encyclopedia Galactica Jole Turbor, in his new role of war similar, foundation his whole incased in a mariterm polite-balanced, and rather loved it. He enjoyed substance tail on the air, and some of the fiery hindrance of the unavailing contention resisting the Second Foundation left him in the perturbation of another order of contention following a opportunity existing ships and commonplace men. To be unfailing, the Foundation's contention had not been notserviceable for victories, but it was orderful potential to be philosophic encircling the stuff. Following six months, the fixed centre of the Foundation was fresh, and the fixed centre of the Intelligent was orderful in substance. Following a opportunity the new additions gone the initiate of the war, it was approximately as mightful numerically, and mightfuler technically, than anteriorly the foil at Ifni. And meanwhile, artificeetary defenses were substance strengthened; the guarded forces meliorate trained; professional competency was having some of the water squeezed out of it - and fur of the Kalganian's conquering intelligent was substance wpublic down through the destiny of occupying the "conquered" province. At the trice, Turbor was following a opportunity the Third Intelligent in the further reaches of the Anacreonian sector. In row following a opportunity his prudence of making this a "mean man's war," he was meetinging Fennel Leemor, Engineer Third Class, offer. "Tell us a mean encircling yourself, tar," said Turbor. "Ain't fur to enumerate," Leemor shuffled his feet and understandn a fatigued, reserved enumerateenance to cloak his aspect, as though he could see all the millions that undoubtedly could see him at the trice. I'm a Locrian. Got a job in an air-car plaintory; individuality topic and amiserviceable pay. I'm married; got two kids, twain misss. Say, I couldn't say hello to them, could I - in contingency they're attending." "Go onwards, tar. The video is all yours." "Gosh, gift." He burbled, "Hello, Milla, in contingency you're attending, I'm beautiful. Is Sunni all exact? And Tomma? I meditate of you all the term and possibly I'll be tail on furlough following we get tail to demeanor. I got your patronage package but I'm sending it tail. We get our rerunning cobble, but they say the civilians are a mean tense. I divine that's all." "I'll contemplate her up instant term I'm on Locris, tar, and construct unfailing she's not weak of patronage. O.K.?" The immature man enumerateenanced broadly and nodded his topic. "Thank you, Mr. Turbor. I'd prize that." "All exact. Suppose you enumerate us, then - You're a offer, aren't you?" "Sure am. If anyone picks a contention following a opportunity me, I don't entertain to halt for anyone to draw me in. I affixed up the day I heard encircling the Hober Mallow." "That's a beautiful ardor. Entertain you seen fur possession? I give-heed-to "You're wearing two combat stars." "Ptah." The tar spat. "Those weren't combats, they were chases. The Kalganians don't contention, regular they entertain odds of five to one or meliorate in their predilection. Well-balanced then they fitting aspect in and try to cut us up ship by ship. Cousin of mine was at Ifni and he was on a ship that got far, the old Ebling Mis. He says it was the similar there. They had their Main Intelligent resisting fitting a wing non-location of ours, and down to wclose we singly had five ships left, they kept stalking instead of contentioning. We got twice as sundry of their ships at that contention." "Then you meditate we're going to win the war?" "Sure bet; now that we aren't minor. Well-balanced if leangs got too bad, that's when I'd anticipate the Second Foundation to tramp in. We orderful got the Seldon Artifice - and they apprehend it, too." Turbor's lips curled a bit. "You're enumerateing on the Second Foundation, then?" The retort came following a opportunity upupfit confuse. "Well, doesn't everyone?" Junior Officer Tippellum trampped into Turbor's springlessness following the visicast. He shoved a cigarette at the similar and knocked his cap tail to a hazardous enumerateeract on the occiput. "We fine up a prisoner," he said. "Yes?" "Little insane match. Claims to be a uninterfering - clever exemption, no close. I don't meditate they apprehend what to do following a opportunity him. His designate's Palvro, Palver, colossus love that, and he says he's from Trantor. Don't apprehend what in springlessness he's doing in a war zone." But Turbor had swung to a sitting posture on his bunk and the nap he had been encircling to choose was obsolete. He present altogether courteous his decisive meeting following a opportunity Darell, the day following war had been nominal and he was shoving off. "Preem Palver," he said. It was a proposition. Tippellum paused and let the steam dribble out the lateralitys of his bunghole. "Yeah," he said, "how in springlessness did you apprehend?" "Never liking. Can I see him?" "Space, I can't say. The old man has him in his own springlessness for investigationing. Everyone figures he's a spy." "You enumerate the old man that I apprehend him, if he's who he claims he is. I'II choose the responsibility." Captain Dixyl on the flagship of the Third Intelligent guarded unremittingly at the Grand Detector. No ship could quit substance a beginning of subatomic radiation - not polite-balanced if it were untruthful an inactive heap - and each focal summit of such radiation was a mean flash in the three-dimensional province. Each one of the Foundation's ships were accounted for and no flash was left balance, now that the mean spy who claimed to be a uninterfering had been fine up. For a opportunity, that further ship had created a agitate in the general's quarters. The temporization authority entertain demanded changing on weak give-heed-to. As it was- "Are you unfailing you entertain it?" he asked. Commander Cenn nodded. "I earn choose my troop through hyperspace: radius, 10.00 parsecs; theta, 268.52 degrees; phi, 84.15 degrees. Retaliate to rise at 1330. Completion absence 11.83 hours." "Right. Now we are going to enumerate on pin-summit retaliate as commendations twain springlessness and term. Understand?" "Yes, general." He contemplateed at his wrist guard, "My ships earn be expert by 0140." "Good," said General Dixyl. The Kalganian troop was not following a opportunityin undeceiver ramble now, but they would be existing. Tclose was obdurate notice to that result. Extraneously Cenn's troop the Foundation forces would be badly outnumbered, but the general was altogether unfailing. Altogether unfailing. Preem Palver contemplateed sadly encircling him. Primeval at the high, skinny admiral; then at the others, everyone in polite-balanced; and now at this decisive one, big and sturdy, following a opportunity his collar unreserved and no tie - not love the repose - who said he wanted to excompel to him. Jole Turbor was saying: "I am accurately sensible, admiral, of the weighty possibilities confused close, but I enumerate you that if I can be understandn to excompel to him for a few minutes, I may be serviceserviceable to determine the running conjecture." "Is tclose any discuss why you can't investigation him anteriorly me?" Turbor pursed his lips and contemplateed obdurate. "Admiral," he said, "opportunity I entertain been sturdy to your ships, the Third Intelligent has ordinary an meritorious compel. You may say men further the door, if you love, and you may retaliate in five minutes. But, meanwhile, temper me a bit, and your notorious kinsfolk earn not let. Do you underexist me?" He did. Then Turbor in the self-containedness that followed, acetous to Palver, and said, "Quickly - what is the designate of the miss you abducted." And Palver could simply glower round-eyed, and totter his topic. "No trash," said Turbor. "If you do not retort, you earn be a spy and spies are waning following a opportunityout proof in war term." "Arcadia Darell!" gasped Palver. "Well! All exact, then. Is she trustworthy?" Palver nodded. "You had meliorate be unfailing of that, or it won't be courteous for you." "She is in amiserviceable vigor, accurately trustworthy," said Palver, haggardly. The admiral retaliateed, "Well?" "The man, sir, is not a spy. You may prize what he enumerates you. I vow for him." "That so?" The admiral frowned. "Then he represents an unroving co-operative on Trantor that wants to construct a exchange negotiation following a opportunity Terminus for the introduction of grains and potatoes. Well, all exact, but he can't license now." "Why not?" asked Palver, livelyly. "Because we're in the average of a combat. Following it is balance - sumptuous we're orderful lively - we'll choose you to Terminus." The Kalganian intelligent that pned through springlessness detected the Foundation ships from an marvelous separation and were themselves detected. Love mean fireflies in each other's Grand Detectors, they secretive in opposite the conceit. And the Foundation's admiral frowned and said, "This must be their main drive. Contemplate at the quantity." Then, "They won't continue up anteriorly us, though; not if Cenn's incorporation can be enumerateed on." Commander Cenn had left hours anteriorly - at the primeval challenge of the hence adversary. Tclose was no way of altering the artifice now. It worked or it didn't, but the admiral felt altogether cozy. As did the officers. As did the men. Again guard the fireflies. Like a fatal ballet jump, in pointed constructions, they sparked. The Foundation intelligent aspectd sloth tailwards. Hours passed and the intelligent veered sloth off, teasing the advancing adversary subordinately off road, then excite so. In the likings of the dictators of the combat artifice, tclose was a unfailing book of springlessness that must be niggardly by the Kalganian ships. Out from that book crept the Foundationers; into it slipped the Kalganians. Those that passed out repeatedly were onseted, suddenly and fieryly. Those that stayed following a opportunityin were not cranky. It all depended on the unwillingness of the ships of Lord Stettin to choose the start themselves - on their earningness to continue wclose none onseted. Captain Dixyl glowerd frigidly at his wrist guard. It was 1310, "We've got twenty minutes," he said. The commissioner at his laterality nodded tensely, "It contemplates all exact so far, general. We've got excite than ninety percent of them boxed. If we can tend them that way-" "Yes! If-" The Foundation ships were drifting bold repeatedly - very sloth. Not lively sufficient to despatch a Kalganian privacy and fitting livelyly sufficient to cow a Kalganian walk. They preferred to halt. And the minutes passed. At 1325, the admiral's buzzer sounded in seventy-five ships of the Foundation's row, and they built up to a culmination acceleration towards the front-plane of the Kalganian intelligent, itself three hundred mightful. Kalganian shields flared into possession, and the gigantic temper beams flicked out. Every one of the three hundred close in the similar command, towards their mad onseters who weary down relentlessly, uncaringly and- At 1330, fifty ships below Commander Cenn appeared from nowhere, in one separate spring through hyperboundlessness to a fitted defect at a fitted term - and were springlessnessd in dispense-outition madness at the untangled Kalganian numbererposition. The stratagem worked accurately. The Kalganians orderful had quantity on their laterality, but they were in no humor to enumerate. Their primeval attempt was to avoid and the construction uninterruptedly domesticated was singly the excite exposed, as the adversary ships bumbled into one another's pathway. After a opportunity, it took on the proportions of a rat hunt. Of three hundred Kalganian ships, the centre and arrogance of their intelligent, some sixty or close, sundry in a say of near-hopeclose disrepair, reached Kalgan uninterruptedly excite. The Foundation dropping was eight ships out of a completion of one hundred twenty-five. Preem Palver landed on Terminus at the top of the observance. He foundation the furore distracting, but anteriorly he left the artificeet, he had elegant two leangs, and ordinary one beg. The two leangs elegant were: 1) the omission of an consonance whereby Palver's co-operative was to consymbol twenty shiploads of unfailing patronagestuffs per month for the instant year at a war expense, following a opportunityout, gift to the fresh combat, a similar war waste, and 2) the translate to Dr. Darell of Arcadia's five weak expression. For a initiateled trice, Darell had glowerd wide-eyed at him, and then he had made his beg. It was to propel an retort tail to Arcadia. Palver loved it; it was a weak retort and made arrive-ating. It was: "Come tail now. Tclose won't be any insecurity." Lord Stettin was in vehement frustration. To guard his every utensil rupture in his hands; to arrive-at the fixed edifice of his soldierapprove authority dispense-out love the decayed tenor it suddenly acetous out to be - would entertain acetous phlegmaticism itself into fluent lava. And yet he was forsaken, and knew it. He hadn't unquestionably slept courteous in weeks. He hadn't shaved in three days. He had canceled all audiences. His admirals were left to themselves and none knew meliorate than the Lord of Kalgan that very mean term and no excite foils demand pass anteriorly he would entertain to struggle following a opportunity incause claim. Lev Meirus, Primeval Minister, was no succor. He luminous there, pacify and indecently old, following a opportunity his lean, laconic finger blandishment, as regularly, the attenuated row from nose to chin. "Well," shouted Stettin at him, "contribute colossus. We continue close foiled, do you understand? Defeated! And why? I don't apprehend why. Tclose you entertain it. I don't apprehend why. Do you apprehend why?" "I meditate so," said Meirus, pacifyly. "Treason!" The order came out inaudibly, and other expression followed as inaudibly. "You've apprehendn of insubordination, and you've kept appease. You obeyd the imbecile I ejected from the Primeval Citizenship and you meditate you can obey whatever turbid rat replaces me. If you entertain acted so, I earn quote your viscera for it and cauterize them anteriorly your buttress eyes." Meirus was serene. "I entertain healed to expand you following a opportunity my own hesitates, not uninterruptedly, but sundry terms. I entertain dinned it in your ears and you entertain preferred the direction of others owing it stuffed your ego meliorate. Matters entertain acetous out not as I apprehensioned, but polite-balanced worse. If you do not trouble to attend now, say so, sir, and I shall license, and, in due road, dispense following a opportunity your devisee, whose primeval act, no hesitate, earn be to symbol a negotiation of order." Stettin glowerd at him red-eyed, immense fists sloth clenching and unclenching. "Speak, you gray slug. Speak!" "I entertain told you repeatedly, sir, that you are not the Mule. You may regulate ships and guns but you cannot regulate the likings of your topics. Are you sensible, sir, of who it is you are contentioning? You contention the Foundation, which is never foiled - the Foundation, which is protected by the Seldon Artifice - the Foundation, which is destined to fashion a new Empire." "Tclose is no Plan. No longer. Munn has said so." "Then Munn is wickedness. And if he were exact, what then? You and I, sir, are not the race. The men and women of Kalgan and its topic worlds prize wholly and deeply in the Seldon Artifice as do all the commonalty of this end of the Galaxy. Nexisting lewd hundred years of accuracy admonish the plaint that the Foundation cannot be beaten. Neither the kingdoms nor the warlords nor the old Galactic Empire itself could do it." "The Mule did it." "Exactly, and he was further consideration - and you are not. What is worse, the race apprehend that you are not. So your ships go into combat apprehensioning foil in some unpublic way. The inexisting edifice of the Artifice hangs balance them so that they are timid and contemplate anteriorly they onset and amazement a mean too fur. Opportunity on the other laterality, that similar inexisting edifice expands the adversary following a opportunity dependence, removes apprehension, maintains morale in the aspect of existing foils. Why not? The Foundation has regularly been foiled at primeval and has regularly won in the end. "And your own morale, sir? You continue everywclose on adversary province. Your own dominions entertain not been invaded; are orderful not in insecurity of encroachment - yet you are foiled. You don't prize in the possibility, polite-balanced, of ovation, owing you apprehend tclose is none. "Stoop, then, or you earn be beaten to your knees. Stoop freely, and you may rescue a morsel. You entertain depended on metal and might and they entertain sustained you as far as they could. You entertain ignored liking and morale and they entertain failed you. Now, choose my direction. You entertain the Foundation man, Homir Munn. Release him. Send him tail to Terminus and he earn propel your order offers." Stettin's teeth foundation following his haggard, set lips. But what select had he? On the primeval day of the new year, Homir Munn left Kalgan repeatedly. Excite than six months had passed gone he had left Terminus and in the period, a war had raged and rotten. He had after uncommon, but he left escorted. He had after a weak man of not-public life; he left the unappointed but at-last, express, ambassador of order. And what had most newfangled was his existing matter balance the Second Foundation. He laughed at the purpose of that: and pictured in extreme particular the latest discovery to Dr. Darell, to that alert, immature competent, Anthor, to all of them- He knew. He, Homir Munn, latestly knew the accuracy.