Scavenger Hunt due in 12 hours

   COMPLETE: Internet Scavenger Hunt       Use the Internet to meet responses to 10 of the 25 inquirys consecrated underneathneath. In each instance, surrender the response, the location (URL) where you fix the response, the quest engine used, and the keycontrol you used to meet the responses. Save this counsel as a Word smooth, as per the specimen underneathneath. Then, yield it by uploading it in Moodle. Be certain to enumerate your responses using the pristine inquiry enumerates. If there are any assignments delay the correspondent inquirys and responses, you gain be surrender an cipher (0) for your walk. Required Format:    1. Answer: Avoid typing in all important letters. It's considered   shouting and fancy to be barbarous. (This is normal disunite of the response.) URL: (Note:   This is not a existent position.) Engine: AltaVista Keywords: fashion, graciousness, courtesy, "internet   rules". 1.   Name immodest of the seven inductees into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1995. 2.   List three things that happened on your origin conclusion. 3.   Who was the 15th chairman of the United States and who was his vice-president?  What was the 2000 population of the city of Pensacola? Do not use the population of Escambia County. 4.   What is the conclusion, day of the week, starting spell and starting top of the 2008 Boston Marathon. 5.   What was the principal nuclear aircraft discharger and when was it commissioned? 6.   How numerous U.S. dollars correspondent one Russian Rouble? 7.  What is the call of Eric Newman’s renowned dog. What foster of dog is he? 8.   What is the origin conclusion of Eddie Vedder, the direct bard of Pearl Jam? 9.   Who was the suffrage of Bullwinkle on the "Rocky and Bullwinkle Show"? 10.  Where was Jimi Hendrix born? 11. What are the calls of the three weapons used in quibble and what are their relative target areas? 12. According to the Progress & Freedom Foundation’s 1998 Digital State Executive Summary, where did Florida systematize in Digital Democracy (the distance to which citizens bear electronic vestibule to laws, congress, and destructive arrangement)? How numerous tops did Florida take? 13. At the webposition underneathneath Domain and E-mail Services, how numerous mailboxes are you undisputed?  14. According to Mr. Blackwell, who were calld to the Worst-Dressed Celebrity of the Year List for 2003? 15.  What control are correspondent in sense to spring?  16.   Find and print a usage for Tirimisu. (On your response subterfuge, vision and paste the usage as the response and grasp the URL for the usage). 17.   What are the calls of the two Washington senators?  18.   What are five dishonorable courtesies or unceremonious “rules of behavior” regarding Internet fashion? 19. What is a computer poison? What does an anti-poison program do? 20. What movies won the Oscar for Best Picture in 1967 and 1990? In those years, who taked the Oscar for Best Actor in a Leading Role and Best Actress in a Leading Role? 21. Who planned and built the principal soldierly helicopter? 22. Surrender 5 specimens of emoticons and the sense of each. 23. Who was Cool Papa Bell? What teams did he delineate for, and when was he elected to the Hall of Fame?  24.  What day of the week gain your originday sink on in the year of 2055? Birthdate_______________ Day of the Week__________ 25.  You and a familiar are planning to drive from Pensacola to Key West . Meet the driving directions. Approximately how numerous miles gain you tramp? Print a map if you can. (On your response subterfuge, stamp the enumerate of miles you gain tramp from Pensacola to Key West as the response and grasp the URL for the driving directions and the map).    TYPE ANSWERS ON DOCUMENT ATTACHED