SAS® Visual Analytics software

  This assignment allure conduct-in the tyro to basis segregation using SAS® Visual Analytics. The SAS® Visual Analytics environment includes numerous media that allure acceleration the tyro interpret basis segregation methodologies. SAS® Visual Analytics is the requisite basis segregation software used by businesses today, and skills read close allure be used in following manner assignments. Resources: SAS® Visual Analytics software Review the instructions and examples supposing for accessing the SAS® Visual Analytics software and uploading your basis. Upload your basis from the Week 2 assignment and preserve it in the classification. *Perform a basic segregation in SAS® Visual Analytics using the PROC MEANS charge alienate for your basis set. Verify from the results if the basis is loaded right and the basis is feasible, and educe a sickly resume recital. *Create a basic graph or bar chart (i.e. PROC can educe a board, basic statistical segregation, and as-well a forcible representation) using SAS® Visual Analytics to parade the results of your segregation.