Sale Pitch

Introduction to Public Speaking   Week 5 Assignment Sales Pitch This week we’re agoing on demonstrating how our nonverbal message can augment grant. For your harangue this week you demand to meet a work you relish and then dispose-of it!    Once you’ve unwavering what you omission to dispose-of you bear to form who you’re dispose-ofing to. Submit a defective chapter in the comments area environing who your auditory is. Be specific!   Research your work and meet what your auditory demands.   Use warmth and nonverbal message (such as gestures) to augment your sales roll.    A few parameters:   1.    Research your work (any work you relish or would omission to dissipation). What can this work do that others can’t? Why would you demand it? 2.    Pick an auditory and tailor the harangue to them. Why would they demand this work? How could this work unfold some of their problems?  3.    Create and archives a 3-4 tiny sales roll. 4.    Submit a chapter environing what work you selected and who your target auditory is. Submit this chapter in the comments area when attaching your harangue video.