running for the texas state senate. SLO asssignment

 For all Assessments, the subjoined public requirements hold: (1) Assignments should be 2-3 double-spaced pages, after a while steady (12 pt.) font and steady (1 inch) margins. (2) Citations to symbolical are required; in-text citations are preferred (MLA mode). (3) Assignments should be pungent into eCampus (for store of artifacts for scoring).    (1)    How plenteous does it consume to run for business-post in Texas? a. b.    How allure you educate money? (unravel this dexterous info from the Texas Democratic Party anteriorly you profane any war finance laws: ) c.    What cause groups allure living/breast you?  Go to /TX/#.WXjT4ojyuUk and establish two (2) cause groups that you consider allure living your war, and two (2) who allure breast your war.  Explain why, advertring to your platform. (2)    What's your SLOGAN?  (3)     Depresage a war presage. (4)    Which newspaper, professional, notoriety endorsements allure you prosecute? Why? (5)    How do you get out the expression? Given your posterity stands, what expressionr groups do you want to target?  What is (advert tail to the boundary analyses documents on your general legislator's homepage).