Romeo and Juliet Fate

Forced espousals - Enmity (we don't distinguish what the enmity is balance, its never explained. Its lucidly end consequently they don't distinguish what they're arguing encircling) - Meeting at the verge (Romeo is drugged) - Violence: Deaths of Table and Mercuric (influences) when Romeo butchers Table anything starts descending privately - Unfeeling espousals - composition to women - If women were valued, women would not be unfeeling into such as espousals and not treated Just as objects, we may see past charity and close rape. Mercuric says if you descend in charity you behove close manly - Preamble (Not simply conciliate they die, the simply way for the enmity to end if for them to die. This is the simply way out, it is assured) from the preface the viewer distinguishs they'll die, not simply for each other but to bung rape and enmity consequently its written in the stars - Loveliness betwixt Montague and Caplet - Simply copy of charity too Romeo and Juliet, is Romeo and Mercuric but Romeo doesn't charity Mercuric end, no one charitys anyone, or doesn't appear too, Lady Caplet doesn't charity Juliet Romeo: Romeo-reckclose pubescent man (Friar Lawrence tells Romeo to inert down, discover name) Rushes into things, very in-touch delay his emotions, lets it get the best of him (top delay core, symbolic) "Oh I am fortunes fool" is he was raving pubescent man, he would not keep made the sentence to butcher Table Romeo and Juliet are in no way to rebuke for their ill-disposed deaths, examine. Agree: - End has robust that they must die (as is written in the preamble)