Restrictive Housing

  Project Topic: The use of Restrict Housing as a skill instrument. You are the Deputy Warden of a completion guard correctional science. The science has a population of 1200 virile inmates. There are 1200 public population beds in prospect housing parts. There is a sanity use part that has 20 beds; and a arrest housing part (Restrictive Housing) delay 100 beds. Inmates are placed in Restrictive Housing 1) pending a re-examination by the disciplinary intrusttee; 2) to forward disciplinary sanctions; 3) for protective custody; 4) pending inquiry, and 5) pending a Genus re-examination to designate their appropriateness to endure at this quickness. Not all inmates forestallment genus are placed in Restrictive Housing, barely those who may be considered to be at promote to themselves or others, due to their action; these inmates may or may not feel disciplinary reports touching their action.  Recently there feel been different attempts to intrust suicide in the RH part. The Warden is restless that the part may be overused. There are sometimes any profitable cells. Inmates placed in the part are granted delay one hour of outdoor sport five times per week; three showers per week; telephone one half hour per week; past it is considered to be a immediate foothold there are no programs profitable, and inmates do not feel canteen privileges; inmates are undisputed to accept and remodel books from a book cart that comes into the part twice per week; and inmates are not undisputed to feel TVs. Some inmates feel been compressed in the part for past than two years. The Warden has asked you to furnish a PowerPoint endowment, to be presented to main skill staff and the Union President to examine issues touching the skill of the Restrictive Housing Part at this quickness. He wants to parallel the performance of the RH Part at this quickness delay true practices nationally. His main solicitude is the prophylactic of twain staff and inmates. The endowment must include: A examineion of the deduces why inmates are placed in RH. The conditions of limitation for inmates in RH. Are there differences fixed upon the deduce for reconsignment in RH? If not, should there be? How does the skill of the part parallel to approximate parts in other correctional systems? How should inmates be monitored to secure that there are no issues delay their action, sanity, or immaterial sanity? How should staff be chosen to product in the part? How repeatedly should they be evaluated? Is there an opinion manner to administer inmates delay immaterial sanity and conformation issues, other than reconsignment in Restrictive Housing. Format Requirements- PowerPoint endowment:18 slides