RESTORING MCDONALD’S: Introducing a salad bar – I NEED THIS SUNDAY 5/20

RESTORING MCDONALD’S: Introducing a salad bar Purpose of Assignment  Marketing drawings acceleration coordinate an form's departments and activities inside a reciprocal blessing betwixt the form and the consumer. Well design out tradeing drawings embrace twain inside and exterior lore aimed at agreement who the customer is, what they deficiency, and any barriers the society may aspect in convocation customer demands. This lore and instruction allows the society to constitute hardy strategies and existentistic goals. Part 1 of this two-part knowledge team assignment is contrived to fix students in the role of a society tradeing team demonstrating to the CEO and Stakeholders why and how their new work/benefit should be agoing. This assignment assesses the society, the target trade and work, and identifies implicit obstacles a society may aspect when deciding to hurl a new oblation procure be verified.  Scenario: Your team has been separated by the CEO to manage the crop of key tradeing strategies for the tradeing drawing for your society's hurl of a new and sole work/benefit (not already offered). Your tradeing team's mission is to establish to the consideration of directors and investors through lore, policy crop, and forced, that this work/benefit is viable and procure coalesce the society's goals. In this principal half of the purpose, you procure be reporting to the consideration and CEO encircling the target, the work's strengths, a SWOTT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats and Trends) partition, and the infamy's situation in the competitive environment. - Constitute a new and sole (INTRODUCING A SALAD BAR IS THE NEW PRODUCT) work or benefit the society procure be hurling. - Explain your new and sole work/benefit and embrace packaging, labeling, and safety if pertinent. How procure this add esteem and identify the infamy and work from the two-of-a-trade, timeliness promising the target trade to buy? (AT LEAST 300 WORDS) - Identify and illustrate the top three existent concern perseverance competitors for your society and how your society's infamy is situationed in similitude. (AT LEAST 300 WORDS) Cite a minimum of three peer-reviewed sources. One must end from the mode textbook or videos and one from the University Library.   Format your tract harmonious after a while APA guidelines