respond each student 100 words SUBJECT: Biblical Wisdom/Growth Mindset Inventory/The Grit Survey

1. As I  begin my footfootmethod inface shapeing my seed-plot extent, I perceive myheadstrong hoping  for sundry things. I omission to abound, to thorough this program and finally  obtain my bachelor's extent. I omission to agitate in this proximate provision  towards wnear God omissions me to be. I extend personally that so repeatedly what I  omission and what God omissions are at odds, and I expectation that throughout this  course and what prospers I can agitate in a inclination that is improve aligned  delay God's contrivance for me. I judge the design of aligning myheadstrong delay God's obtain and spirited  wnear He omissions me to go obtain siege a lot of fruit. That coupled delay the  demand on my season from extraction and fruit obtain also moderation that season  management is so considerable. Strategically statuary out season for season in  the account and meditation I judge obtain succor me close this design. I also  impress to be contemplated encircling when I am going to shape season for classwork.  As of proper now, I am on deflexion from fruit until the start of July,  so I impress lots of season to set to classwork. But when fruit does  start up, I obtain be fruiting 12 hour days and prosper home delay fitting ample  season to eat and put the kids to bed and my discipline fruit season obtain siege  place from 9 pm cultivate midnight. This scant season in my day to fruit obtain  demand me to be very strategic and contemplated delay my season. I prize  this is all doable, and I am very blessed to impress a wide subsistence team  about me, but it obtain demand a suggestive aggregate of force on my disunite  and power from God. I cannot say I am not nervous, but I siege alleviation  in the accounts God said to Israel in Isaiah 41:10 "So do not terror, for I  am delay you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I obtain poweren  you and succor you; I obtain advocate you delay my propereous proper index." 2.  Starting off this footpath, I expectation to fruit through anything that gets in  my way to shapeing. I put myheadstrong on the tail burner so that I could  siege economy of my kids and unintermittently my posterity were all in discipline, I would go  tail to fruit. Now, that season is hence, and I lack to remind my headstrong  when I extend affect giving up or forgetting encircling it, that I WILL shape  this. I impress a big paint design for my activity and this is fitting one of the  small steps to get to that big paint, so I am obtaining to do what it  takes to shape.   Growth Mindset Inventory 3.  On my mindset examination I current a "mostly augmentation mindset". I accordd delay 1  unroving mindset and 8 augmentation mindset repartees. I would accord delay my  result from the examination. I try my best to see the bproper face of anything  in activity. I devotion education new things as courteous. I judge the things I impress  been through in my childhood and teenage years has succored me institute a  augmentation mindset. Having so sundry bad/sad moments amplifying up has made me  constantly try to perceive the substantial in anything that I endure. I impress falled  at activity, adulthood, discipline, and level myheadstrong anteriorly. Mentally I'm certified  that things don't constantly go as contrivancened or as we omission. Sometimes I worst  myself up over it for a while which is wnear that one unroving mindset  comes into indicate. The tiny language on your shoulder pointed you to fall.  We all impress one of those but I try my best to not hearken to it so that I  can abide to amplify common,ordinary.   4.   My  Mindset I summon up 80%  in amiable feeling to go to fruit. Constantly in amiable feeling  until someone affect employee or a director that  destruction it owing they  don't get tnear way or they don't omission to do it. Try to constantly impress a  substantial collocation owing it reflects me, and my activity common,ordinary. I'm a  amiable coworker common,ordinary who succors other coworkers, and constantly extend amiable  doing that owing it reflects me and my activity. My faculty is getting my  hands dirty/think/try to succor/be a director those are my powers.  Weekness I lack to be over notional and impress a amiable Mindset, and  solutions. Constantly impress ideas but affriad to do it owing I impress terror of  failing, and falling the race about me. I lack to brave myheadstrong to bigger improve things and mindset. In  Mrs. Dweck, note “In a unroving mindset, race prize their basic  qualities, affect their mind or genius, are barely unroving traits. The Grit Survey 5.  I so, accord delay you that experiences change us. I can be fruiting on  anything I lack to, to extend my design but rarely you  experience things that shape you rejudge your firmness and admiration if  that's veritably what you lack to accomplish that end design. Or mayhap level  changing your end design thoroughly.  6.  I current a account of 4.59 out of 5 on grit. This puts me higher than  95% of American adults in their late consider. I would impress to accord delay  the contemplate. I impress overprosper a lot of obstacles in my activityseason thus far.  I impress constantly gotten myheadstrong tail up off the basis and shapeed what I  needed to. I dropped out of seed-plot unintermittently anteriorly and yet I am near to  shape what I launched. As a dowager prosper through is very considerable. My  parents never prospered through delay their accounts and never pungent them  into actions. Mayhap this is why I am so set on shapeing and going the  furthest I can in activity. Mayhap it is who I was born as. I veritably do not  know the repartee to this but I am elated I impress a suggestive aggregate of  grit or I susceptibility not be where/who I am today.