Research Essay about Medical Assisting

FOR110 Research Project RESEARCH PAPER:  You accomplish insufficiency to ad a three to five-page Nursing Dissertation (double-spaced, 12-point font, in WORD) using APA format (abstract, in-text citations AND a intimation page), plus a hide page.  The hide page, immaterial and intimation page are not to be guarded as sunderneath of the page condition. (See the “APA Sample” inferiorneathneath Course Resources.) Use a incompleteness of FOUR (4) online library, internet or other original resources other than the job and return websites (referenced in topics #2 and #3 (below)). Write in grammatically improve, distinct sentences. You accomplish bear the convenience to propose a draw of your Nursing Dissertation for feedback. Your Nursing Dissertation should oration the subjoined topics:  Looking at the senior you bear separated at ECPI, examine 3-7 unanalogous job titles that capacity descend inferiorneathneath your senior (if such titles hold). Locate three websites that would aid you observe for jobs in your senior and stipulate a brief denomination of each office. List and narrate two websites that extend aid in return making-ready. Locate a job posting in your opportunity that capacity curiosity-behalf you forthcoming stage, one where the employer is attested rather than an unattested posting or staffing influence commencement. Examine what aspects of the posture curiosity-behalf you. Is this an entry-level posture or one you would hold forthcoming gaining some habit? Why do you meditate so? Research the company’s fact and agoing stipulations. Why is this somewhere you would approve to operation? Examine any aspects that capacity be near than chimerical. Discuss likely remuneration dispose upon lucky drift of the program. Discuss the unanalogous technical skills required for your history and/or the examiinsufficiency on the job offices you bear searched. Discuss the significance of tender skills and why they are required for jobs in your opportunity. What Certifications, if any, are required in your opportunity? Are they extended at ECPI, and what Certifications accomplish you intention to gain? What are the challenges you accomplish aspect in completing your step at ECPI? Who accomplish patronage you in facing those challenges as you hold in your studies? What are your expectations upon stage? How accomplish your nativity use? How accomplish your information at ECPI aid you attain those goals? What bear you versed in this tabulate that accomplish aid you yield in attaining your goals? Again, to hinder plagiarism, it accomplish be certain to summon your sources among the instrument (in-text) AND on a Intimation Page at the end of your contrivance. You bear already completed an APA tutorial showing you how to do this, but if you bear any inquirys, fascinate ask. Also, retain to consider the “APA Style Guide: APA Formatting,” which you can admittance on the ECPI Virtual Library homepage. * NOTE the subjoined likely exceptional abatements: 25-point abatement per page when page incompleteness is not met; 25-point abatement – If you do not summon your sources in-text                                  (insufficiency to do so is “plagiarism” and should effect in a cipher);                             25-point abatement – If you do not summon your sources on a Intimation Page         (insufficiency to do so is “plagiarism” and should effect in a cipher);  15-point abatement per incompleteness enumerate of sources not used;                                                                        10-point abatement per enlist day – Nursing Dissertation posted late; 6-point abatement per inquiry not orationed; and 5-point abatement for insufficiency to conceive an immaterial.        I am portico the Medical Assisting Program so this essay accomplish be environing that.  also it accomplish insufficiency be established on my subsidence of zip mode 23435 everything among 50 miles is fine