Research brief on Lane Bryant ( the plus size clothing store) or Harris Teeter(the grocery store) 5-6 pages 15-20 sources

  Hi Class, As you originate impressment your papers, gratified engage a appear at the Research Briefing Instructions repeatedly in the Course Gratified area. It is unconditionally delicate that you strictly amalgamate to the following: 1. 5-6 pages of gratified. This doesn't include the references page. 2. No contemplative. 3. Double-spaced. 1 inch margins. 12 purpose font. Please do not abandon from the overhead rules. All other rules in the Research Briefing Instructions quiescent manage as well-behaved. The UMUC Advanced Policy:  For advanced submissions that enjoy not been common by the instructor the pain accomplish be a 5 percent decrease in the remove (on the hundred percent layer) for that assignment for each day that the assignment is advanced. Submissions accomplish not be received succeeding removes for the assignment enjoy been posted.  Alternate assignments are not available. No advanced assignments accomplish be received succeeding the decisive day of adjust. Gratified see the Syllabus for past details. I appear presumptuous to balbutiation your briefings! Due age is MONDAY, August 5. One tiny advanced is the instant day and accordingly the advanced pain accomplish employ.