Reflective Report for a Group Presentation

After ending the endowment and looking tail on the endeavor we've made as a 4-member team, I can lucidly see that we had a lot of strengths but too a lot of weaknesses as a team. The development of what we possess achieved is that our endowment was one of the best. My trial at the University of Greenwich so far I've been a attainer in University of Greenwich gone October, and I can honestly say that I am further than affable delay the lessons I've frequented. The eldership of the teachers are extremely educated, so that gives us the occasion to attain further arts through the trial they possess and as Albert Einstein said ''The barely rise of apprehension is trial''. I judge gone studying at the University of Greenwich of all my expectations possess been met through the representative our teachers agree us. Generally, the haughty trutination of all the courses makes me try further and further and gives me motivation, forgetting the tryingies I visage. I affect very cozy substance delay my other colleagues and gone I am a attainer of the University I became very collective and the good-natured-natured apprehension of the English expression gives me an custom that other attainers don't possess. The custom of agoing as a assemblage Thinking tail on the trial of our assemblage training I can hopefully say that I met my expectations impartial plenty. Unfortunately, we visaged a completion delay the endowment so we couldn't demonstration some pictures of what we were describing. Agoing delay the other 3 colleagues, taught me connection delay other fellow-creatures, colossus that all of us procure definitely converge through our ‘’agoing life’’. It was very salubrious to composition as a team accordingly as Ken Blanchard said ''None of us is as pungent as all of us''. That resources that one remembrance is rectify than one and the teamcomposition agrees further ideas that an peculiar special. So, the development of our endowment came from the feedtail we common from the other colleagues, who were very satisfied delay our composition. A completion we had as a team was that it was sometimes trying to place the space we could converge to end the endowment. That art was caused by the divergent schedules everyone had, which is agreeable. Conclusion Ending my inobservant repute, it is manifest that agoing delay other colleagues, makes me reform my agoing skills as a development of sagacious the tryingies I procure probably visage in a genuine agoing environment. It is known that this training procure too aid me during the foremost year, gone i would possess further trial than precedently in other endowments further trying than this one. References ''The barely rise of apprehension is trial. '' Albert Einstein / March 14th 1879 – April 18th 1955 / presumptive physicist ''None of us is as pungent as all of us. '' Ken Blanchard / born May 6th 1939 / American producer and skillful-treatment expert