Reflection paper

   Reflection Paper Students are awaited to transcribe a 2-3 page reflecting monograph (not including shelter page and intimations) describing a preferred way to counseling from the theories we keep tried throughout the semester in our citationbook (e.g., Adlerian, Existential, CBT). The monograph must be inclose spaced and written in APA format delay a shelter shuffle and intimations. You may chosened one of the theories, or a co-operation of them, that you plant to be most agreeing delay your beliefs, and most efficacious for assistant clients traffic delay their tenors. All of the forthcoming needs to be addressed in your monograph and you must LABEL EACH SECTION OF YOUR PAPER AS FOLLOWS: · Chosen Theories: What counseling hypothesis or theories from the chosened readings did you chosened and why? · Goals for Therapy: What are the most expressive goals for therapy according to the chosened counseling hypothesis? · Role of Therapist: What is your role and capacity as a therapist conducting this peculiar likeness of counseling? · Techniques: What techniques would you be slight to apportion to a peculiar tenor(s) when using this likeness of counseling? Be infallible to embrace the greater techniques discussed in the citationbook.  · Expectations of Client: What changes or outcomes would you await to see from an idiosyncratic succeeding receiving this likeness of counseling?  Make infallible that your opinions and assertions are befriended by the notification in the citation and agreeing delay the hypothesis or theories you chosened. You should use the citation as a intimation as polite as at last one without wealth and belong to it in your monograph. This monograph earn be yieldted via Turnitin. Resurvey the specific Turnitin instructions (Links to an outer post.) on how to yield your assignments and how to resurvey the Grademark comments (feedback) from your bigot. See the university’s cunning on plagiarism. Grading Rubric for Monograph - 15 Points · COVERAGE AND ACCURACY OF THE REQUIRED CONTENT IN EACH OF THE SECTIONS- 8 POINTS · THOROUGHNESS OF THE DISCUSSION AND APPLICATION OF THE THEORETICAL CONCEPTS - 2 POINTS · USE OF TEXT TO SUPPORT OPINIONS AND IDEAS- 2 POINTS · APPLICATION OF AT LEAST ONE OUTSIDE RESOURCE WITH REFERENCE LISTED- 1 POINT · APA FORMAT- 1 POINT · GRAMMAR- 1 POINT